Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Animal Wednesday

Searching for Sjimmie........................
Today is a beautiful spring day here. Everything is so green and fresh.
All my animals are in the video.
The garden is at it's best now I think.
Still have to make a post about the workshop and I am behind with almost everything.
I have been so tired and another cold is coming up. I am taking vitamin C and trying to take it easy.
I just feel too tired for a lot of things so I hope to feel better soon and visit you all and leave some comments. I am trying in the meanwhile, but I have missed too much to read and look at everything. Hope you will understand...............
Hope it is as sunny and pretty where you are as it is here.


  1. Wat woon jij mooi - alles is zo lekker groen - en wat een boel beesten! Heerlijk!


  2. Love it!! Think I might start participating in Animal Wednesday! My kitty will love it!!

  3. I ADORED this was almost like a real "mystery"....everyone (except for the kitties) seemed intent on finding his "Sjimminess"....and there, at last, like the "Konig" he is - he appeared and seemed nonchalant by all the fuss!

    Marianne - you have quite a menagerie! Which animal is "Spook"? My very first cat (when I was 5) was named "Spooky" - because - he was all black with Green-Gold Eyes..

    Lovely home and garden - and lovely post!

    Kuss-Kuss! und....HAW!

    Mit Liebe,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Dear Marianne, I am so sorry to learn that you are feeling unwell. I hope this passes quickly and you have your usual energy and zest for life back again!

    The animals all look so sweet in the yard and it's fun to see where you live! Thanks for sharing this. When you are more well I might like a tutorial for uploading video to blogs as I seem to struggle with this. I enjoyed yours.

  5. Dank je Brigitte! Inderdaad alles is nu zo mooi groen vind ik. Het voorjaar is altijd het mooiste

    Please do Sioux visit Mim's blog and leave your link. It will be fun!

    Thanks Robin!
    Spook is the sealpoint Birman. We call her that because she seems to be able to walk through doors.....
    Now I realize I forgot to film the fishes in the pond, now I think of yours......

    HAW everyone!

  6. Thanks Lynn, I think I have been a little too busy, I must slow down a little................
    Please remind me later about how to upload the video and I will try to help you :)

  7. Oh Marianne, you have an animal paradise there. What fun to see everyone and everything!
    And, every time you whistled on the video, my bird whistled back. So funny, I should have had my video going.

    Healing hugs for feeling better.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful animals. Such a nice visit to your happy home. I hope the vitamin C works and you feel better soon.

  9. you seem like a most compassionate person, i hope you feel better soon.
    such a cute video, i think i'll make one too of my little puppy.
    rest well.
    ♥ lori

  10. Hi meis gaat het een beetje en met de hondjes?
    Wat een rijkdom die beesies van jou prachtfilmpje heb er vanddaag ook 1 gehaald bij Foka.
    Je tuin is prachtif en wat een leuk huisje had je dat al?
    Nou lekker in het zonnetje fietsen met de K&D krijg je vitamientjes van ,

  11. I'll have to email you to tell you what just happened to me, but let me say this was GREAT medicine for me right now!
    I loved walking around your place with you and the cats and the dogs. I didn't realize you have 6 cats! (I know 2 are your moms.)
    They all seem so content...who wouldn't being a pet of yours!

    Lovely to hear your voice again, just like on the phone ;)

    I'm glad spring has arrived in all her glory!


  12. Oh this is really delightful! all those kitties and mr. sjimmie holding out until the end - just like a cat. demanding to be the center of attention - wonderful to see your house too - that is such a treat!!
    Take care of yourself, don't burn the candle at both ends - and happy animal wednesday.

  13. your garden and surrounds are so beautiful. It was delightful seeing all of your animals. I bet it took forever to upload your video. It was quite long for blogger.

  14. What a hide and seek session!
    Love your passion on recording the scene.
    So fun and interesting to see all your beloved pet appearing as main actor and actress here!

    I love your house and the neighbourhood around. So calm and so peaceful!
    I hope you will get well soon.
    Vitamin C does help.
    Rest more and rest enough will speed up your recovery.

    Thank you for your great sharing and these charming animals cheer us in many surprising ways!

  15. Oh dear...I am sorry to hear about your cold coming on. Crud. Crap. Go away!!!!! :(
    Feel better soon, dear Marianne!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  16. Hi Teri
    How cool Sunshine reacted! When I had birds I used to communicate with them that way..... ;)

    Hi Leslie

    The vitamins are doing their job.....

    Thanks Lori, would love to see your puppy!

    Ik mis je Mar!

    I am curious LO!

    Thanks Mim I really took it easy since a few days.....

    I didn't save the video in a high res. so it was quite ok to upload Lisa (saved it in Medium)

    You are welcome Yoon See
    I received your package today Tee hee!!!

    Thanks julie you know all about returning colds I know......
    But I think I feel better today!

  17. you are such a busy person. your body needs to rest, drink plenty of water. May you be well.

  18. cute video and now I know how to say Sjimmie's name.

  19. I loved getting to see a bit into your life. You have a beautiful garden and such sweet pets. It would be fun if everyone posted a snippet of their lives in the backyard wouldn't it? To hear your voice and to see as you walk around makes me feel like I've been there.

  20. I loved hearing you voice...and seeing your lovely garden...such a personal touch...:)

    I hope you are feeling better and better each day...Hugs! :)


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