Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Animal Wednesday

Oh look at that clean path..........
This is for royalty...........
Eh what are you doing here??
Out of the way, I need to do my yoga exercises Do the Sun Salutation
stretch, relax........... and enjoy the rest of the day! HAW!!!!! I am in Singapore now 24 hours after I left home. On my way to workI was in a train stuck because of a fire in the next train. What a mess.......after a detour and a lot of hassle I arrived late at work. In time for my flight but with a lot of stress. It is 22.00 here and I am going to bed. I had to stay awake a little longer in order to get in this time zone. I am lucky I could have been in the burning train and missed my flight. Instead I am here. Went to have a foot massage, ate some fried rice and had a glass of wine at the waterfront. ♥♥♥


  1. Ja,meid je zegt het goed ergggg vervelend,maar gelukkig dat je in deze trein zat.
    Ja Lolo is ondeugend,your naughty Lolo but with taste ;-))
    Die yoga Sjimmie in de down doghouding geweldig doet Beaudor ook altijd.
    Trusten en morgen gezond weer op,hoelang blijf je?

  2. All Hail "His Royal Highness, King Sjimmie"! PURRfect photos, PURRfect comments....

    Marianne, thank goodness you were not harmed in that accident.... and glad you have had that foot massage, rice and wine..... sleep well and enjoy the beauties of Singapore!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. I am so glad you are safe now Marianne. What a scare of the fire and being left behind. Sjimmie deserves such a royal walkway. He is such a handsome fellow.

  4. Oh my goodness, so glad you are safe!! I would have had a whole bottle of wine after that ;P

    What's this about me being naughty?

    Stay safe, travel well.

    talk to you later.


  5. Oh my goodness, what a scare. So happy you are safe!

    Love that Sjimmie! He sure knows how to act royally.


  6. If only a wild roasted duck would fly into our mouths!!! that!!!

    I am happy to hear you made your flight and all is well with you!!! I'm sure the wine helped after you were there and in one peice! Take care and have loads of fun!!!

  7. Thanks Sioux!

    Hoi Mar 1 juni kom ik thuis..... Ga vandaag mediteren in een tempel:)

    Thanks Lisa!

    You know me Lo I had more than one ;-P

    Hi Teri he does..... He really acts like he is king there and the girls leave him in his fantasy

    Hi Julie
    Yes i thought that last picture was fun it popped up instead of the smiley I was looking for so I decided to leave it there ;)

  8. Most happy that you are safe and sound, though tired. Hope you get rest! Love Sjimmie's post today, should teach feline yoga! Enjoyed seeing your yard and some of the other posts that I have missed. Take care!

  9. Heerlijk geniet ervan lieverd.

  10. kitty yoga! so cute indeed.

    good that you weren't harmed, i hope no one else was either. singapore is not a bad place to be stuck!
    enjoy the wine and rice and fabulous foot massage.
    x lori

  11. What a terrific little post...Glad all is well and you made your flight...a foot massage sounds like a little bit of heaven! I picture you and the rice and the waterfront and it brings a big smile to my face. You certainly enjoy every aspect of your life!

  12. a foot massage?!

    oooooooh. i am vicariously enjoying one myself.

    these yoga poses are too damn cute. what a clever idea.

    i don't know anyone who has seen more of the world than you, marianne. and this summer....yipee!!

    love to you, my friend. emily sends her love, she says don't let anyone convince you they are your best friend...


  13. I love that quote! I never knew there was even the possibility one might! lol

    I know you lead a very hectic life with all your traveling but your home garden looks so serene and peaceful.


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