Sunday, May 23, 2010

A great weekend.............

I will send this fellow to Cat, since he is scared to death of Sjimmie..........
We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday we went to Lucia in Culemborg.
It was nice to see her again and to meet Prince Harry. And Sjonnie who was taking a nap in the rabbit house.... Part of Lucia's front garden. Can you imagine what the rest looks like? Prince Harrry , pretty in pink
My desert rose is blooming again
We cleaned the terrace today. It is like icing on a cake...... My garden looks wonderful all of a sudden!
It took us a whole day but it was such lovely weather :)
Friday we went to Domburg to see the exhibition of Johnny Beerens ,which was awesome.Please visit his site. It is in Dutch, but the work speaks for itself.
We had lunch outside and it was like being on a holiday in your own country.......
My cold is gone :) I folllowed all the good advices; drank water took extra vitamine C and rest a lot. I have my energy back and also painted a little last night and finished my ATC for Cat.
I have been outside a lot this weekend :)
Tomorrow will be my last day off and then I will fly to Singapore , if no ash cloud is in my way.......
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!


  1. This is a great ATC Marianne. It looks like a cartoon character. So lively. Yes, I too had a great weekend. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. A fun weekend to get you back into shape. It is always fun to visit friends and then to get to go to an art gallery. Heaven. Your garden looks marvelous too. I would love to be able to sit on your patio, sip a drink and have a nice long chat with you. It looks os inviting. I hope the ash clouds don't mess up your work schedule or worse make you stuck in a farway city.

  2. Oh wow.. this dino is really something different for you! So nice you had a wonderful time.. and lovely pics! Have a blessed trip!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I love the rocks ( of all things) I am kind of quirky that way. Thanks for sharing.

  4. i had a good weekend too!

    marianne, i love your patio. i know the feeling exactly of getting the table and chairs set up and realizing how great and full your yard looks.

    fly well, dear friend. singapore. i can only imagine what you see.


  5. Love the should do more of this type. Glad you are feeling better, and it looks like the sun has finally landed in your neck of the woods, it is all good. Have a safe trip.

  6. Wow, what great photos!!
    I love the kitty in the bunny house and that PINK furniture!!

    Tha patio looks wonderful. How about we have lunch and wine? ;)

    Beerens work is amazing. Holy moly! What a master. And look how HUGE he works!

    I love this atc. It's very different for you. Bright colors and a different subject. You did an amazing job!

    Safe travels dear friend ;)


  7. It is just amazing how you can transform a space by cleaning/rearranging! Your terrace is lovely!!! Pretty kitty pics and Desert Rose! So happy you are all well again...and being outside looks like the perfect place to be over there right now!!! Yeah!!! Have a wonderful trip to Singapore!

  8. What a lovely patio and views...Hafe a spectacular trip! :)


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