Monday, May 24, 2010

Cactus Monday / View from my kitchen window

The windowsill in my kitchen. Here is my cactus collection ;)
Small crows eating .....
These smart fellows reside in the big tower behind our house.
I was wondering why I see the large crows on the roundabout 100 meter from our house and around the corner but never in our garden. Why is that?
Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Hee ze doen het jou orchidee kwam vorige week 1 bloem.
    En nu komt een nieuwe tak...
    Kitchen with a view..
    Lieverd goeie reis morgen,mmm lekker eten mag ik mee LOL.

  2. Large Crows nest just down the street from our house and they rarely come to my garden. I think they feel confined here. They do look out of place in my garden. They are so big. Your cactus look pretty sitting there in your kitchen window. HCM.

  3. I have a lot of crows in the trees in the back woods. They'll come to the feeders now and then but the suirrels chase them! They're much bigger than the squirrels so it's funny to see.

    I love photos of your place. it always feels like a visit :)

    The last photo looks like a cactus with Emily rabbit's ears! Or perhaps Mickey Mouse.

    Safe trip to Singapore! Talk to you soon.


  4. Cute cactus. Love your pretty backyard. I had seen bird houses like the one in your yard there, when we flew to Germany...they are so beautiful, and old world looking!!!

  5. is that last picture my cousin babette bunny?

    emily r.

  6. Hello my dear! What a lovely peak into your beautiful, green world! Love it. Have a great day. ;)

  7. Beautiful house, beautiful garden, beautiful crows and precious, "prickly" cactus"!

    Safe flight, good weather and wonderful new photos!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. I love your little pots with cactus's. I want to do the same now! HCM

  9. Your photos are great...your yard now seems so familiar since I saw your last home so warm and inviting...Happy Cactus Monday!
    Safe travels!

  10. what lovely views. safe trip.

  11. What a nice collection of cacti! You know, I don't even own a single cactus yet! I DO have some Saguaro seeds waiting to be planted. :)
    Lovely shots, and I love all of the green in your backyard. HCM!!!

  12. Oh my, you live with a whole family of cacti. No wonder Cactus Monday is so easy for you, you need only open your eyes!
    Hugs!!! and HCM!!!!

  13. your home is gorgeous marianne!
    happy happy cactus monday to you!


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