Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last Weeks Workshop

Finally the pictures from last weeks workshop.
I waited for my friend Jeannet to send me her pictures (thanks dear!)
Here you see her result. Not bad huh for someone who says she can't draw...
I think it is fabulous.
I always love to see what everyone creates!
Have a nice & sunny weekend!


  1. Liebe Marianne,
    I am SO IMPRESSED with your Mandala class. Not only are you one talented lady - but - you take time to help others find the "door" to creativity! If I lived close by, I WOULD be among your students. Look at the pride in the faces of your pupils! What a gift you have and what a gift you are! (I mean every word.)

    Sending you, and all the "Furry Menagerie" love and wishes for a warm, sunny weeeknd. (Special kuss-kuss to Sjimmie....I just can't help it....he is so ADORABLE!)

    Kuss-Kuss to all,

    Liebe Grusse,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. oh wow Marianne!!! what a fun workshop!!! and so wonderful to see you inspire so many people!!! what a wonderful gift!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  3. Love the results...and it looks like you all had a ball!!

  4. These are just marvelous. Wish I could take one of your workshops.

  5. Dear M~

    What a wonderful workshop! I saw my raven painting in the background ;)

    You look fantastic! it must be the vacation you just had.

    Anyway, I'm almost giggling looking at the pictures because I can feel the 'energy' in the air ;)

    I'll email you!

    Wonderful results from your students...yay!


    And yes, I'm not too sore today!

  6. oh sign me up, marianne!

    i think this is FANTASTIC!! everyone looks so totally pleased, and look at their mandalas!!

    you excite me. (oops, you know how i mean that!)

    love love

  7. Such happy faces with al that creating going on. Your students did great but then look who their teacher is!!

  8. What a wonderful class Marianne!!! You look so beautiful, too! I wish you could do an online class one day...maybe??? That would be awesome!!!

  9. Meid wat zie je er goed uit,je haar fantastisch....

    En de gezelligheid straalt eraf bij je workshop,ja kan niet anders bij jullie thuis.

    Wat een weertje he daar wordt een mens zo vrolijk van,ben terug uit Arnhem Beautje zijn zus Kumbi Ned. Kampioen.
    Nou ga aan de bubbles heb nu een excuus,


  10. You girls had way too much fun...Such positive vibes and smiles...Wish I could pop in for a workshop myself...that would be heavenly!

  11. Oh, your workshop looks like so much fun! I love doing art with others - it's fun to see everyone elses creativity. I enjoyed your video about finding sjimmie. You have many cute wonderful pets.


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