Monday, June 28, 2010

Fly eating cactus

Does anyone knows if this cactus really eats flies??
Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. I have never heard of a cactus that eats flies...maybe a carnivorous plant likea Venus Fly Trap??? Or is this a fantasy plant??? It looks like a Euphorbia Lactea, and you can see them HERE!
    It is a vry nice painting, Marianne. Thanks for your nice comment on mine! LOL.

  2. it's a beauty whatever it is marianne. thanks for all your good wishes, i am going to get over this and find my old happy self again! hcm dearest cactuteer.

  3. I have never heard of a fly eating cactus. I like your drawing. HCM.

  4. Well look at these colors!!!!!!

    You know I ♥ it!!!!


  5. Thanks Julie, I think it is the one from your link.
    I had this image on my pc and the name of the jpg was fly eating cactus. I saved it because I loved the colors. It is lighter in real but I took the liberty to make the colors deeper...................

  6. Wow Marianne, these colors are GORGEOUS!! Never heard of this plant either but my imagination is running wild here. lol


  7. cactus do flies never knew that... wow i really enjoy your post.
    I was quite busy, didnt chance to come earlier.. sorry about that.


  8. maybe the flies are eating the cactus and making those holes?

  9. hi marianne!
    i lvoe all of your cactus mondays!
    have a super day!

  10. I love cactus, yours is so pretty. I think there is such a thing, there are plants that entrap flys and insects. Many of the cactus here are in the middle of flowering right now!

  11. I have not a clue, but it sure is pretty! Love the colors you chose. HCM!!!

  12. marianne, it's me, emily!!

    i like the colors of this, but i have no idea who eats what. i just know i eat carrots and radishes and jellybeans and chocolate preztels.

    you are a very good best friend, marianne.

    ps kj says she loves the way the colors wash and blend.

    your best friend too, as you know,
    emily rabbit

  13. Great colors on your cactus picture. Really beautiful. As far as I know there is no fly eating cactus. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you again!

  14. I like the sea colors.. so soothing to the eye..!!

  15. Wow! very interesting... gorgeous palette for a carnivorous plant. ;)

  16. I think a fly would feel honored to be eaten by such a beautiful cactus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HCM on Tuesday!


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