Saturday, June 12, 2010

W= for Watermelon

Yesterday I finished some ATC 's for the ABC ATC's around the World, which is coming to an end now.
I made the last 4 and will send them out today.
I hardly had any time to do some art lately nor will I get any these coming weeks.
Monday I will go on a school camp as a cook Mom. and the day after I return I will go to Bangkok for 7 days.
I look like a hamster today, my face is swollen (on one side) but I managed yesterday with only 3 painkillers.
The sun is shining here today!
Time for watermelons!
Have a Watermelon Weekend!


  1. It won't be long and the fields around here will be full of watermelons. This looks yummy. I am glad you are feeling better especially since you are so busy. Take care.

  2. So summery and delicious!!

    Don't get run down after your oral surgery.

    Big hugs!

  3. The sun has (finally) appeared in SF...and it is warm.... so that watermelon of yours looks especially delicious!

    I would say, take it as easy as you can after your oral surgery - but - I am already beginning to know you, Marianne....and that's a highly unlikely scenario!

    Still, make some time for you....
    Have fun at camp.... and, very safe travels next week.

    Kuss-Kuss fur Sjimmie!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Ach arme hamster,mag je ook nog geen wijn lol.
    Je raad nooit wat Nick meenam uit france....watermeloen en kersen van Colette ;-))
    Ga je met Lars of Felix mee op kamp,nou er word lekker weer voorspelt have fun.

  5. Sending love and good wishes. Love the watermelon!

  6. Sorry you are puffy and hurting. May this end soon.
    the watermelon makes me drool! LOL
    Been eating same all week.
    I saw my name in the labels, but not in the post. Wonder if I get watermelon? HUMMMMMMMMMMM?

  7. Wonderful juicy-looking watermelon.

    Healing hugs for you!

  8. Lynn you are one clever lady ;)

  9. oh so perfect Marianne!!! Cole and I just finished a huge bowl of watermelon....I cut it all up and we watched Alice in Wonderland....

    so much fun!!! and you painting is perfection!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  10. Hi, Marianne. "W" is for "WOW"--Yummy watermelon. Nice work. Enjoy your upcoming activities and trip. Thanks for sharing. ♥♫♥


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