Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Party!!!

On our way to a party............(Marja and I)
and my DH..............
Old pictures of 32 colleagues............(click to enlarge and find me 25 years ago)
It was a special day celebrating "25 years of dedication"
I met a dear colleague, we flew together 24 years ago. Karachi Singapore and a step back to Colombo and we still remember both how special the trip was. We were young and the trips long.
Together with 4 "girls" from our preliminary course.
Eveline, on my right is still a dear friend of mine after 25 years .
When we dropped Marja off we watched Beaudor's digging act.
He is such a naughty sweetheart!
It is hard to be angry with him........
You dig it?


  1. You and your hubby make a beautiful couple! Sounds like a good time was had by all.

  2. love that necklace you wore. you look lovely and what a fun reunion. Nice to see your DH too.

  3. Marja must have been the phographer!
    You both look very pretty! Wow, that necklace you had on. So artsy! And I love that black top, also artsy. The hair cut looks very cute M ;)

    Germaine...finally a face!! Handsome ;)

    I'm so glad you had a good time. Looks like the weather was nice too.

    I picked the right picture for you. I'd know that smile anywhere!


  4. pragtig, heeltemal pragtig en wonderlik om marja en jou liewe man te sien. jou nuwe haarstyl is baie 'chic'. liefs vir jou en marja en beaudor!

  5. You were the prettiest one there! Love your necklace! Hair so lovely! What a magical time for you and all your long-time flying friends! Marvelous!!!

  6. What a handsome couple you and your DH make. It is fun to see you and your friends gathered. It looks like you had a good time.

  7. Okay...so many things to comment on! First, dein Mann - Germaine?
    He is s handsome - as you are lovely....what a beautiful pair!

    Second...a wild guess on the photos...are you in the middle, bottom row, holding the bouquet of flowers?

    Third...I adore your necklace - and your style!

    Fourth..Beaudor.....wunderbar! I adore Rhodesian Ridgebacks....how could one EVER get angry at him?

    Looks like a great party!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. What fun to have a 25 reunion with so many colleagues - the photos are great. You look lovely in your fab necklace - have you cut your hair too? Nice seeing you and your hubby - such a handsome couple! I picked you out of the photo line up!

  9. Ah beautiful photos of beautiful, happy, smiling faces. It's fun to learn more about you Marianne, you look like a lovely person. And you and the Mr. make a very handsome couple. Congratulations on your 25 year reunion!
    xo lori

  10. Hi lieverd,

    Het was superrrr ben zo trots op je,kanjer.
    Gaan vanavond proberen om de film op cd te krijgen,gister had B. examen 1 goed en de rest uitmuntend,knappe kerels vam mij.
    Tot gauw,

  11. What a fun share! So great to see you (lovely striking couple you and hubby are) having fun and out enjoying friends. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  12. you look beautiful, marianne!!
    that necklace is super and i like you in black. everybody's saying how great you look with mr. HB but you also shine with your special friend and your old buds.

    HAHAHA! i blew up the picture below by mistake and i recognized you right away! you do have an infectious smile. i would like you to offer me a pillow on the plane




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