Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Cactus Monday!

Here is my new cactus family member!
Given to me by Marja's son (but she helped him pick the present;))
Isn't it a gorgeous one?!
You see the other 2 are still alive....... a miracle as I am a disaster with plants in the house.
I even managed to kill my Christmas cactus..................
Well I think I can keep this one alive.
By the time this is posted I will be cycling to another island.
And will be camping (and cycling) for 5 days. For me it will be more like I am not much of a camper....the cycling part I took care off by buying a bike with electrical support.
Yes!!!!! And I am not even ashamed of it. LOL!
So I won't be able to visit my fellow cactuteers.
But I hope you will have a wonderful Cactus Monday!


  1. oh...i love your suculent!!! Very pretty! Have fun on bike and camping!!!

  2. oh you are so adventurous. happy cm to you too dear heart. have fun.

  3. I love that cactus!!! I can't believe you killed your Christmas was so beautiful not long ago :(

    Camping! You are such a good mom ♥

  4. Schoene Cactus!

    Sei vorsichtig - und viel Spass haben!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. How's your bottom LOL?

    Brave girl going camping,well next week 5 star hotel in BKK.


  6. Your cactus collection is great. I am still chuckling at you buying a bike with electric support. Ha... Try to have a good time. HCM.

  7. Neat cactus and so very thoughtful.

    Sounds like a fun time!!


  8. That sounds like me, I am notorious for killing plants. However, I have never yet owned a real cactus. Shhhh!!! :)

    Smart lady for getting a motorized bike! I hope you have a wonderful time camping.


  9. I'm fine with camping as long as there are no bears and I love your choice in bikes! That would definately make the trip more enjoyable! Love your ATC's to help the animals in the gulf.


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