Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Monday I got 2 lovely Chinese dragon trollbeads from my dear friend Marja!
(click to enlarge, the butterfly was her Christmas gift)
She is crazy......... I also got a lovely surprise which I will show you Monday (guess what...???)
A magnum with red wine. Does she suspect I love red wine???
Thanks dear!
Shaking Sjimmie! From Soul! So pretty in person
and I ♥♥♥♥ that free hug.
I think I keep the coupon and surprise you one day to collect my free hug ☺
baie dankie liefling!
A fabulous fold-able ATC from Mim!
I got the R from round! ♥ round.
And a beautiful card. Thanks Mim!
This package of goodies arrived from dear Yoon See!
Lovely prints and cards.
And those cute kitties I admired on her blog!
Thanks sweetheart!
And how about this one?
Lisa is doing a gorgeous series of butterflies and caterpillars.
The bag is hand made and was filled with lots of love ♥♥♥.
I ♥ every bit of it!
Thanks Lisa
Getting mail from Lolo is always such a treat!
This is my U for Universal Kinship .
I love the idea and the artwork! Well I have to see the first thing yet I don't like from her.
Her envelopes are soooo pretty. She even has her own stamps!
And the cards and messages included warmed my heart as usual.
Thanks Lo!
This is Lynn's nun. She is doing a wonderful series of Hebrew letters for our ABC ATC's Around the World.
They are colorful and she explains them all but it seems like Chinese to me sometimes. ☺
hard to learn I guess.
Thanks Lynn, you are one talented lady!
I am preparing this post for tomorrow as I will have to go to the dental surgeon to have 2
apex resections . Guess I won't feel like blogging tomorrow and I really need to do a TT post to show you all the acts of kindness and friendship I have been receiving!
Right now I am in a roller coaster ride of fun things, well except for the dentist yesterday and the dental surgeon on Thursday...... :(
Next week I will go on school camp for 5 days to cook and have to cycle 40 km a day!
Friday I will have to do the shopping and besides a few visits planned for the weekend I have to prepare for next week.
The day after camp I will go to Bangkok for 7 days.
I know I am doing this myself......... but a blank day in my agenda would be nice.
Well the 2 days after I return from bangkok are filled already.
Any suggestions?????
Well I am thankful for being healthy and able to do all these things.
Thankful for all my (blog)friends.
For so many things..........
Hope you are too!


  1. Het staat echt gaaf aan je ketting wat zijn die van Lars en Felix mooi zeg.
    Maar 1 ding lieverd vergeet je niet te remmen af en toe voor je Me-time ;-)))


  2. My goodness, you are a busy lady. You can't say you are bored. Ha... I hope your dental surgery goes ok. Take care and have fun.

  3. good luck with the dental surgery. You do have a full agenda. Have fun. And so many talented friends to send you lovely things.

  4. Wow, what goodies!!

    I adore the necklace/beads from Marja. She has very good taste! Yesterday I got something in the mail from her, the sweetie. I will post my TT later after I get everything scanned.

    The atc's are wonderful too. Such variety!

    M, you are so very busy!! With all that cycling you will be in the best shape ever ;)
    If I followed you for a day I'd be wiped out (but healthier!)

    Good luck at the dentist...ouchy.

    maybe you should open that magnum after :P

    Happy Thankful Thursday!

    Lo ♥

  5. Such wonderful gifts and you are so deserving because you are so generous in return.

  6. Lucky you, Marianne - what a lot of wonderful arty bits and pieces! Those pretty beads go so well with your outfit - love that purple! I also received some kitties from Yoon See - just blogged about them too! Your agenda is certainly packed. It should be fun biking (hope your saddle is well padded!.)We used to do a lot of that in the summer holidays in Holland when our girls were young - wonderful when the weather is good, so I'll be keeping fingers crossed for warm, sunny days for you. Enjoy Bangkok too!

  7. Thanks everyone!
    The surgery went ok........ :(
    I am not in so much pain as from the surgery I had last year.....
    So after a long nap I am up again and blogging a little bit :)

  8. Receiving mail is the best!

    I understand about the busy schedule...we have done that to ourselves many times....still are. I am tired!

  9. Beautiful gifts for a beautiful person! Glad the dental visit went well and was (relatively) painless! Open that red wine!

    Enjoy your busy week and travels!

    Kisses to Sjimmie and "the Gang"!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. holy moly Marianne!!! this is some amazing collection of gifts!!! what a thankful thursday indeed!!!

  11. Fun to see all the friends art.
    I suggest rest and a good book after the surgery. Heal fast.


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