Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Marja!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Marja!
Today Marja will drive to France after her son Nick will get his "bul " (=degree ?) from the University!
What a present!
Double congratulations!!!!
The 7th of September we will meet and celebrate her birthday........
This mandala was last year's present
In the meanwhile enjoy the ceremony, enjoy your birthday!!!!!
And drive safe!
Don't forget to go over and wish Marja a happy 50 (!!!!) birthday!
you dear!
Happy Birthday!!


  1. Happy birthday to your friend! I will pop over and say Happy Birthday to her on her milesone 50th birthday...I remember mone fondly and wish I could go back! LOL...

  2. Marianne, your birthday Mandala to Marja last year is amazingly beautiful! I love the close friendship the two of you have....friendships like this are more priceless than anything!

    I a glad you are home safely - and I know Sjimmie and Spook (and the doggies, of course) are too.

    I am off to "visit" Marja UND, (naturlich) Beaudor now!

    Liebe Grusse, mein Freund!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. oh wow I am so happy for her, and wil rush over there right now. what is a 'bul'? from the university, is that a degree? hope you are doing fine sweet friend, still in singapore? love and wfs to you

  4. Oh that Marja makes fifty look GOOD!!!!

    I'll go over to wish her a HB.

    YAY Nick!!! Congrats to you too!

    This is a beautiful mandala but all of the ones you do are amazing.

    I can't wait until she gets you know what ;)

    I'm keeping a secret!!



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