Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This bag I got from Marja filled to the brim with French Goodies! Once the goodies were out another goody inspected the bag........ After the picture I put the bag in a save place ;)
In Tiverton I found this rainbow maker! just 2 minutes after I placed my order to the cosmos! Can tell you how happy I am with this gadget. Spook inspected the spinning crystal and then posed for me......
French delicious gifts. Pink garlic, Laurier leaves from Marja's garden Olive oil books and a red wine ;)
Myrthe came for Lars but had some birthday gifts for me as well! A bag from Susan Bijl my favorite magazine wonderful showercream and a stick to do footreflexology with a map.
This gorgeous box I got from Lo. It was a welcome gift in my room. Filled with sweet gifts:) I love the box!
This beautiful book I got from KJ . A treasure to remember my trip to P-town. So much to be thankful for! That my trip went well to NY, RI and P-town. That Felix had a good time. We were lucky with the weather. We forgot clothes in our hotel and got them back. Felix forgot his shoes in a shop and they were still there waiting for him after 15 minutes. Emma and Bliss wanted to be friends with us. We met Stella and she was doing better after her operation. Felix got to see a baseball game and became fan for life of the Paw Sox! That Felix and Brian became such good buddies. I met KJ and JB. And I finally had that glass of wine together with Lolo! Now I am in Singapore and tonight I will fly home and spend some time home with the family. The kids still have one week before their school begins. Life is good! Hope you have a lot to be thankful for!


  1. I do, and you sure do too!
    Love the cat in the pink basket!!!!
    Adorable. Happy for you so many sweet gifts...enjoy them all!
    and most of all enjoy your time at home with your beautiful children.

  2. what this tells me, marianne, is that you are the beneficiary of good friends, friends who love and treasure you.

    count me among them. the honor is mine.


  3. What lovely gifts Marianne,I am sure you will enjoy them for a long time to come.

  4. Hi lieverd,
    Geweldig die Sjimmie in die mand,moet hij maar even zeggen wat voor kleur neem ik er voor hem ook 1 mee haha.
    En wanneer kom je nu thuis alles op z'n kop,vind het zo naar voor je meid.
    Hou de 6de en 7de vrij als het anders wordt hoor ik het wel.
    Hou je haaks,

  5. Sjimmie obviously thought that the tote was for him. What wonderful gifts, especially the gift of friendship.

  6. Gorgeous bag! ANd I have never heard of pink garlic before. Thanks for sharing.

  7. hahaha!! Sjimmie doesn't even look real in that tote!!
    Beautiful gifts from mar. I see she used her birthday notes ;)

    I agree with KJ. You are very loved and people like giving you gifts because you give so much to others.

    I love seeing your rainbow maker!! That was amazing that day when it appeared right after you thought of it ;)

    I hope I get my PC back so I can do a TT post with all the lovely things you gave me.

    have a safe trip home and relax!


  8. Ach....die schoene Sjimmie! He looks adorable in Marje's beautiful basket! Und..die "Spook".... I love his white, furry paws! The rainbow maker ia PURRFECT in your home!

    Lovely gifts from lovely ladies to an equally lovely one!

    I am s happy your trip was as marvelous for Felix as well as you!
    It will be a sweet memory for all of you!

    Thank you for thinking of me when you saw the Vollmond over the Balinese must have been gorgeous!

    Safe flight home! Enjoy your time of "rest"!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Sjimmie is so wonderful in that bag! And Spook is beautiful. All your beautiful gifts, you are a lucky duck. I am new here Marianne, but I've noticed you sure get around :-). How do you make time to post? Safe trip home.

  10. Beautiful gifts and beautiful friendships. How perfect is that! Love Sjimmie peeking out of the bag. :)

  11. Friendship is the best! You deserve the best gifts from super beautiful friends!


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