Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lucky in Love

I made this mandala for Inke, who asked me to make her a good luck / love mandala.
I never did this before but it wasn't hard to think of something.
In the middle (click to enlarge) I collected all kinds of lucky symbols, like hearts, a ladybug, a scarab, a four leaf clover etc.
Then the iridescent blue circle, no idea where that came from, but I like it.
Then a green circle with 4 four leaf clovers.
Then a circle of red hearts symbolizing never ending love.
Lotus petals and red hearts.
Inke I hope this mandala brings you what you expect it will ........ you certainly deserve the best in life! Good Luck and lots of .


  1. Wow Marianne, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love all your mandalas but this is my new fag. You are SO creative!

  2. Marianne, this is beautiful. I love everything about it. xoxo

  3. If this works I need a weight loss mandala. :) I have tried every thing else. :/ All kidding aside, this is a beautiful mandala and I hope Inke gets the love of her life.

  4. How pretty, Marianne!!! I am going back up to click on the pic to see the center...I forgot to look before I clicked to comment. Hey, I just told Lolo I want to fly over with her to see you one day! Hehehe...that would be amazing to get me to fly over the ATLANTIC oCEAN AGAIN!!!(fear)! Next time you fly to the US, though, we should all meet up and stay at same hotel and play together...shop and eat!!! Oh, you must bring Souly-B with you as well. Could you fly smack dab to the middle of the states somewhere...like Kansas maybe! Then there might be a slight chance some of us could show up! :)

  5. Oh...I had to come back to say how pretty the mandalka is up close! All glittery and sparkly...love the middle designs and esp. like the square in the middle of all the circles...very cool! This could be my fav mandala by you !!!

  6. I have no doubt that this will make her lucky in love! Just beautiful!!!!

  7. Love the blue circle also! Just like Julie I'll have to go back and click on the center because I didn't look good enough the first time! Silly me!

  8. another beauty, and I bet it will be just what she needs. baie liefs en soentjies en wfs vir jou.

  9. Ah, so so schön! Ich hoffe, eines Tages, Du wirst eine für Mich machen! Ich brauche Hilfe!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. hi marianne!

    oh it is just gorgeous!

    m & e

  11. oh this is gorgeous as usual,

    just sent you an email...you are a good friend.

  12. Well I recognized that blue right away because a very special friend bought some for me!!♥

    This is a beautiful mandala. You always hit it right on the head.

    I'm with Lisa...can you make me one for weight loss?? hey, I had to ask!

    Missing you...

  13. How pretty is that?!! I also love the one you made for kj - you're so creative Marianne! Oh, and I'm with everyone else on that weightloss Mandala - great idea!

  14. I have always loved four leaf clovers... found one when I was a younger gal too! Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece.

  15. I love the message of this Mandala-Lucky in love.
    With all the lovely details like hearts, ladybug and etc, good luck is coming along the way!
    Yes very well said with the best life too!


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