Saturday, August 21, 2010

NY RI and P-Town part I

Here is part I of my USA trip
Just pictures in random order....
From the Rock.....
the Met
The bridge
The cube
The diner
The bite
The V
the statue
The hotel
A view
The stock exchange
Trouble is my middle name......
The subway
The heroes
The Guggenheim
The Empire State
Ground Zero
We thought you must have done something wrong if they let you drive this one.....
It was a magical trip. We saw and walked a lot.
We had fun.
We met our wonderful friends and made new ones.
It was special!


  1. Marianne, Beautiful photos and I think I totally adore your son.

  2. Amazing photos!! Another cannonball from your trip ;)

    Annie thinks she's in love with Felix but I know I am ;)

    I still have to do a post with your 'borrowed' pictures :)

    Still missing you here :(


  3. You and Felix have seen more of NY than I have. Love seeing the pictures.

  4. Just enjoyed your pics took me 1/2 hour haha,but that's you Mrs. Picture.
    Take care tomorrow and see you 6-9 or 7-9,then were gonna eat Sate!!!with wine off course ;))


  5. Schone Photos! Sie sind Ausgezeichnet! I think you and Felix covered a lot of NYC....the things that really count... and do you know....I have NEVER been to Ground Zero.....just too emotional for me... You and Feliz make a great team....he will ALWAYS remember his first trip to the "Big Apple"....

    I am thrilled you got to the Met.... and...crossed THE Bridge...and ate at one of the FABULOUS NY Diners!!!

    I miss you....and we haven't even seen each other! But, Ich weiss Deine Stimme!

    Liebe Grusse,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. I loved taking this tour with you. I love looking UP at the skyscrapers. Remembering my time in NY at age 19 on my own with girlfriend and a boyfriend. And LOOKING UP all the time!

    I think those girls in the museum are looking at that boy and NOT at the ART!!!

    Felix is cute.

    I'm so glad you had such a good time.

  7. Oh my gosh you saw so much. Felix looks like a good travel companion. Kids make things so much more fun. I took my daughter to Paris with me when she was 10, she loved it, it was a great experiance for us both.

    I'm getting excited to go to NYC now, i wonder if i'll cover as much ground as you two did? what was your favorite thing to do?

    Looking forward to part 2!


  8. Thanks Annie ;)

    I miss you too Lo! And being there.
    Although I think Felix doesn't miss NY that much, all the walking and the subway and the lines........
    Glad we did that first.

    Thanks Lisa, and yes we did see a lot.....

    Mmmmmm sate.... See you soon Marja!

    Hi Robin
    It was my first time to ground Zero. I have been avoiding it all this time....
    And yes I had to cry. I just even can't begin to describe what this has meant to me.
    But now I am glad I did anyway.
    But I know this event will always stay emotional for me, it doesn't get any less.......

    Hi Lynn, thinks, and yes looking up is always fun in NY. I have so many pictures from looking up all those skyscrapers.....
    It sure is one impressive town....

    Hi Lori, too bad we just missed each other there.......

    I have been in NY I think at least 25 times and this time I also saw a lot of things for the first time.
    I think what I liked most is seeing NY through my son's eyes.

    And part II is the post from RI and P-town. I just posted them the other way around as I knew people wanted to see our visit to Lo and KJ.

    Hope you will have a wonderful time there Lori!

  9. FABULOUS photos Marianne!!! I didn't realize NY really did have everything! What a handsome boy Felix is!!!


  10. Felix is a doll! Looks like a great kid! Was it his first time in NY? My dream is to go to the Met. I have to before I die! :)

    What a sensational trip!!!!! WOW!

  11. your photos have made new york city a must-see for everyone in the world wide world! get shots, marianne.

    and add me to the list of people in love with felix. i found him to be an amazing darling wonderful fun and fascinating kid!! please tell him stella and kj and JB send love


  12. New York is awesome!
    Love the skysrappers, the statue, the Guggenheim!
    Darling places to visit, you are so lucky Marianne!

  13. Wow! Amazing trip! Love the pics of Felix and the burger!


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