Monday, August 23, 2010

NY RI and P-Town part III / Cactus Monday

On our way to the Brooklyn Bridge we found this cactus garden in NY.
If you can find just about anything in NY why not a cactus?!
(found in the Museum of Natural History)
Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Happy Cactus Monday to you Marianne. Have you and Felix recovered from such a whirlwind trip yet?? You got to see so many wonderful sights.

  2. sharp eye to spot this Marianne. HCM

  3. :)

    I knew you'd be posting these!! I think they make a wonderful addition to CM!


  4. You spied a nice shot! Just read over about your trip, loved seeing all the pics. It appears you and Felix had a wonderful trip! I hope you have recovered from it...what wonderful memories!

  5. Love this Cactus Monday shot! How fun to have "discovered"it.... Marianne, MAGIC follows you wherever you go!

    (So happy you took Felix to MONH....isn't it fun?)

    Liebe Grüße,

    Kuss der Sjimmie!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. what a great shot, and felix is so grown up now, happy cm dear cactuteer.

  7. Love how you are still participating from afar! ;) Hope that the trip is going well.

  8. Magical things really do happen when you least expect them...HCM! :)

  9. How funny, who'd a thought?
    I wanted MORE NY photos!!!!
    My v word is cation as in vacation!

  10. HCM Marianne
    The cactus is cute. I've been scrolling yr page - you've got some nice shots of NY.

  11. My favorite museum is a natural history one! I have discovered this at a late age...wish I would have seen more all during my growing up and younger adult years! Neat to find this cactus there!!! Hehehe...hope you had loads of fun!

  12. Great find! I love this series. Will you go back to part 2?

    You've got me very excited for NY now. I'm looking forward to what we'll find too!


  13. Bienvenue a Singapore.....
    Blij dat je weer veilig op je plekje zit,lekker uitrusten dolce far niente Haha.
    Nou even van je ligbed af voor een wijntje en Flied lice,hier weer storm,maar af en toe zonnetje tot 5 uur dan weer regen.
    Ga effe met m'n ventje wandelen,zolang het nog droog is.
    Geniet lieverd,

  14. part 3? OMG marianne, i have been so engulfed with the chaos of mr ryan and mr drew that i must now linger here at your blog, and at your flicker place, to savor all of this.

    and i must send you an email, and then a card, to tell you how much i love you and that that will remain so.



  15. p.s. and,

    any time i see felix i get excited. he is a super super kid. i miss him.


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