Saturday, August 21, 2010

NY RI and P-Town part II

Home again after a roller coaster whirlwind cannonball visit to NY RI and P -town.
Will show the NY pictures later but I know a lot of you are curious about my visit to Lo and KJ, so I start with those.
I finally met Lo after being blog friends for 2 years.
Well and it was beyond magic!
Lo has been busy on a painting for me which was unveiled the night I came to RI
Isn't it the most perfect Frida you have ever seen?!
Be still my heart..................
Can you believe this painting took my breath away and touched me right there where I am holding my hand.
Finally hugging for real ♥
Felix in his Paw Sox outfit he got from Lo and Brian.
Big buddies watching the game! Felix is a Paw Sox fan forever......
Fries will never be the same after beer battered fries!
A healthy delicious meal for Lo
And finally we had this wine together after talking 2 years about it!
Felix in love with Emma (and I this it was mutual)
More welcome gifts.............
Gifts for KJ, oops we are in P-town already...................
KJ with one of Lolo's birthday gifts.
JB with her gifts (more about that later...)
Most delicious lobster ever!
Our noses
Zinnia's.........ahhhhhhh will I ever have them in my garden?
So much to see!
Can't help it but the order of all these pictures are a bit mixed up......... I think blogger should invent an easier way to upload them......... Well here are Liz, a sweet friend of KJ's , Felix and JB.
Wonderful town
Wonderful shops and galleries
My mandala framed in such a artistic way!
Felix and Stella
Back in RI again........where the next day we had to say goodbye to Emma
Had to say goodbye to Frida....(see you soon dear!)
and our lovely room with gorgeous flowers.
and Bliss of course
Bye Emma we will miss you!
Felix was happy and exhausted and so was I.
Well what can I say?!
How can express how this trip was? Meeting Lo, KJ and JB?!
I just think I can't properly.
It was magical. A special experience I will never forget.
Much too short!
Have to do it again! (like that idea better then goodbyes!) Maybe Chicago? And I take Marja along?
In the train from New York I told Felix:
Isn't it funny, we are going to meet people we haven't met before but who are already our friends.
And it was the truth!
My...........what an experience!
We all held this one and placed it in the rock garden. Hope I will see it again one day........with all of you there again.


  1. What a fabulous and loving experience! I enjoyed hearing every word and seeing the wonderful photos. What a dream come true to meet blogger friends. I have tears of happiness in my eyes.

  2. This was a trip to treasure. I can't wait to hear more details. I am so happy for you and the rest of the girls and of course Felix.

  3. Dear Marianne,

    This is like watching the movie after reading the book! everythings coming to life.

    How wonderful it all is. You are such a sweet Mum to take your gorgeous child along, what a beautiful lesson in friendship, trust and love.

    I love Lolo's painting to you, what a treasure.

    I only wish that you would have been one week later in NYC, since i'll be there wednesday.

    This post was so much fun. Thank you for sharing.

    xoxo lori

  4. OOOOOh MY! I was an emotional wreck after just visiting Laurel's post...blubbering away like a wee baby...and now after reading yours I have tears falling like Niagra Falls-no worries though as they are jubilant joyous tears of happiness.:) What a beautiful friendship-what a spectacular adventure...The photo of you and Lo toasting was pure bliss...I am over the moon in delight for the whole glorious bunch of you wonderful gals..Simply Fabulous!!!!

  5. How wonderful, Marianne!!! My exciting to finally meet! Gotta go over to Laurels post too!!! Felix had a good time too! Awesome!!!

  6. Yes Teri It was!

    I will tell more.....

    Thanks Margaret,
    Yes that glass of wine, that's where it all started....... As a comment first and later a dream come true...

    Hi Julie, yes go see Lo's post she explains the making of this exquisite piece of art so well.
    I am still in awe............

  7. Dear M,

    Guess what I'm doing?
    Having my coffee at the computer. I know you can see me! ;)

    You did a wonderful job on this post. Nice choice of photos...brings me right back to each special moment. I was telling Robin about that friendship stone from Felix and how we all held it to our hearts before placing it in the path. What a special boy he is!

    We're already talking about visiting you and then taking the train to Germany! Brian watched babseball with a friend last night and he talked about Felix. He said if he could order a son it would be him. How sweet is that?

    I'm going to email because I have lots to say!
    But I'll end here by saying I miss you and I'm so thankful for your visit.

    You are a special, forever friend!

    lots of love,

  8. Lo Good morning!

    yes I get the picture ;)
    So sweet of Brian to say that!

    Can't begin to mention all the things I am thankful for in my visit to you......

  9. This is so delightful to see and I'm so jealous of missing you - but SOOO glad you had a wonderful time. and emma and felix - what a treat to see (emma likes me too!)

    you are a gem of a friend.

  10. Well this certainly is a"Wet"post glad I'm not the only one with tears in my eyes.
    But there Happy tears so glad for you 2 Partygirls.....

    See you tomorrow,

  11. Liebe Marianne.... I am crying tears of joy in my coffee this morning.... Lo told me a lot about this magical trip - as did did you when we spoke.
    But to see these fantastic pictures really brought it all to life for me... I cried because I was thrilled to see you and Lo - real sisters of the soul finally meet and share a glass of wine...
    to see Felix with Emma on his lap....and Emma with her Squirrel Toy....and Brian and Felix....and the Lobster Dinner... Felix and Stella....and the beautiful silver Friendship plate you all placed together at KJ's....
    I could go on and on....

    Sending you and Dein "Wunderkind, Felix" many hugs! I am so happy your trip was a magical event!

    Looking forward to the NY shots...and one last thing - did Sjimmie and your other "Furry Ones" say.."Hmm we smell other animals" as you unpacked? Ha-ha!

    Immer mit Liebe,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. such a beautiful visit, such lovely friends. and kitties and doggies. Felix is some special kid for sure.!!!

  13. This is so heartfelt and touching! Sounds like you had an awesome time - I felt like I could feel your joy in finally getting to meet in person. Blessings on you all!

  14. Marianne your photos say it all!! One amazing trip both for you and Felix. So glad you had such a wonderful time there with Laurel and kj too! When are you coming to KL?!!! I've had this wretched cold for over a week now but I think I'm winning the battle!

  15. Hi Marianne, Annie here. We are not friends (yet), I have seen you around the blogs on Kj's, Suki's and Lo's blogs, and my dear long time before blogs friend Robin. I love Lo's Frida and all the photos make me want to be there! Felix is a doll. Glad you had a wonderful trip! xoxo

  16. Dear Marianne,
    It was wonderful today in your familyhome it felt so warm,wonderful......
    And dear please don,t ever say you can't cook again,I had the best Mommysoup since 25 years,yeah my Mom could make soup just like you.
    Save trip tomorrow with gentle and lovely passengers,go and visit the buddhatemple it will do you good.

  17. Oh I missed this. Glad I found it via another's blog. What a wonderful visit, such a gift friendship is! And the other gifts nice too of course!!! Sweet that Felix could find doggie friends and have fun too. Can't be easy for a kid among so many adults. But I see they looked out for him. Love him in the jersey and cap.
    Just happy for all of you to have had this wonderful meet up and hope to join you all in one one day as well. Do you ever fly into Northern California?

  18. hello dear marianne, awww, i now have time to take this in. i have looked at our friendship symbol on the stones each time i walk along the brick path and each time i know our friendships are real, enduring, loyal. i am forever grateful for the way we met, for the time we had together, for the belief we will do it again. and perhaps again after that.

    which is another way of saying: what a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!

    i love you marianne! yay!!

  19. That's great to be able to meet up with lolo and KJ!


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