Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Bliss

I painted this one to cheer Lolo up.
But all it took was Bliss to feel better.
We are all happy that Bliss is recovering.
I am getting ready for my flight tomorrow.
Heading for the big Apple.........
I have been busy these last few days and haven't visited you all yet.
Sometimes my life is all about catching up, or at least trying........
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. the big apple? NYC?!

    marianne, i am two hours away. how long will you be there? i am seeing new possibilities and every one excites me!

    this painting of bliss: i marveled at it on lo's blog. i love bliss of course, but your rendition of the rug blew me away. it is all so gentle. i feel so blessed to have such talent in my life.

    have a good trip, marianne. wheels are turning :)

    love love

  2. holy smokes Marianne!!! at first I had to do a double take like this was a have really outdone yourself with this piece...pure magic!!!!

  3. Lovely piece! Have a safe, relaxing and wonderful trip to NY. :)

  4. I am green with envy - again! NYC!!! Have fun - this time, you will have a better grasp of how crazy the City is!!! Buy shoes!!

    Enjoy the beauty of Central Park - it is gorgeous at this time of the year! And you will probably see some Canadian Geese!!!

    Sending you many hugs and much love!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. This is an amazingly wonderful painting. .the way you did the rug boggles my mind but then again I guess one used to making beautiful mandalas would not have trouble wth all those reflected repeats!
    The cat is gorgeous too.
    And so glad to hear kitty is getting better!
    Enjoy NY!
    Do you ever make it to California?

  6. Oh gee, it is just beauteous!!!!


  7. dear marianne,
    i am amazed at how you find the time for all you do, flying around the world (i love your job)and your art and of course your family including pets, and i'm sure so much more. and then you share it here, which feels like a blessing to me because everything you make is so beautiful. and i love to see it.
    this is a gorgeous painting, it's so detailed and delicate, it's one of my favorites.

    have fun in NYC and if you see my girl hug her for me please? ♥

  8. Well you KNOW I love this painting. It really touches my ♥

    Bliss is still trying to be strong. She has taken up permanent residency in my studio now. I'm happy to have her company although Emma is a wee bit jealous ;)

    Safe trip my friend. I wish you and Felix could just pop over! I'm sure this will tug at his heart that you will be so close yet so far:(

    One day again though! Maybe sooner than we know.

    Thank you for this beautiful painting of my girl.


  9. This is stunning Marianne. We are happy Bliss is all better.
    Have a happy trip! xoxo

  10. This is outstanding Marianne. You captured all the detail in the rug and Bliss enjoying every inch of the rug. I hope you have a great trip.

  11. This is such a beautiful painting - the rug especially but the sentiment makes it the best

  12. Wow! This is a brilliant painting! How long you took to finish it!
    I am most in awe with the details of this carpet. The colours and composition are great too!

    Plus one more bonus to go, this little pussy cat, so comfortably posing...Ha..Ha..

    Lolo must love this very much!

  13. I almost missed seeing the cat in the center! What a wonderful pattern and composition!

  14. This is lovely, like a mandala in a way. I came to visit as I read you had to say goodbye to a beloved kitty and I wanted you to know you are in my thoughts...


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