Monday, November 22, 2010

Cactus Monday / Hummingbird

Not so much activity going on my blog.....
I have caught a cold so creativity isn't flowing...
Kinda feel like this hummingbird. Taking it a little bit easy.
Giving my wings some rest.
Squeezed out this little cactus Monday painting .
Life goes on and I have to do some things anyhow.
Went to my Spanish lessons , which I enjoy thoroughly :)
I am not really at my best this time of the year :(
Have to do some serious thinking about immigrating to a tropical island.
Hope you are living in the right spot with the right climate.
And that you are enjoying a Happy Cactus Monday!!!!!


  1. oh what a sweet little hummingbird!!! I so miss all of the birds at our hummingbird feeder....till next year!!!

    wonderful work Marianne!!! and I love the sparkle!!!

  2. This beautiful little one *sparkles* - just like you! You KNOW how I feel about "Hummers" - and this one is gorgeous!

    I am sorry you are feeling poorly... surround yourself with your Furry Ones, have some warm soup and some cold wine!

    Cold and wet here too....

    Sending you much love and many hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Beautiful glistening hummer...:)I think your Muse and mine are experiencing the same artistic cold...this too shall pass? Hugs! :)

  4. i love your honesty marianne and it is helpful to anyone who can't quite 'get' the holiday magic, which really is all of us in some way.

    i hope you are able to keep warm and snug with until that cold passes. this little hummingbird is so precious.

    do you know i have several of your atc's arranged together and i am looking at them right now? i love how your artwork graces my home, so much talent and love you share with me.

    feel better. and know your friends here will pull you through the holidays. i know your mailbox will be happy.


  5. you went to sweet mango's and offered your hand.

    aw, marianne. TSUP!

  6. Kop op meid nog maar 5 nachtjes en dan zo'n graadje of 32????
    Maar als je daar een leuk eilandje vind,zijn Beautje en ikke vrijwilliger :)))
    De arme kerel is nu naar Agility met de baas brrrrrrrrrr.

  7. Hope you feel better soon Marianne. Your artwork is always wonderful and full of magic, regardless. Sending some Arizona sunshine your way!

  8. This little hummer looks as though it got involved with a pixie since it has pixie dust sparkling on it. I hate to hear you are feeling lousy. Take care and HCM.

  9. Your little sparkly hummer has cheered everyone that looks at it so I hope all those good feelings reflect back to make you feel MUCH better.


  10. I love your hummingbird's vibrant color on his can trade places with me, if you want because it's so warm here, I actually had to use the A/C again - buh humbug! I'm sick and tired of warm weather and am yearning for some frost and snow....brrrrr...that's what I want for Christmas! (I know, I'd better move up north)....Gute Besserung!
    Doris und Gizzy :-)

  11. I hope you are feeling better soon!
    Beautiful hummingbird.

  12. I hope you feel better soon, that is most important. The little hummingbird is so pretty. get some rest now dear :)

  13. Wonderful colors in this sweet hummer!!!
    I too hope your heal quickly and that the winter months do not bring you down.
    My dh has a terrible cold now too.
    He is quite miserable. I tell you this as sometimes misery likes company! ;-) Hugs.

  14. I think a hummingbird is just what we all need right now ;)

    This one's a beauty. I hate colds. Poor you :(

    I think KJ thought you meant you don't like the holidays. I think you just don't like cold, grey winters.

    Maybe Felix will share his Emma blanket since he shared his cold with you!


  15. Love the iridescence of the little hummer!

  16. Hola, get well soon Marianne. And Feliz Cactus Monday. I enjoyed my Spanish lessons... It was only for a year at uni but I have forgotten most of it.

    Hope you find the perfect island :) - lovely... Hasta la vista, Evelyn

  17. What a really cute hummingbird, Marianne! I hope you are feeling better by now...been behind on blogging stuff...creativity suffering busy with grandkids here...never a dull moment. I am grateful!

    Pray you keep warm, and tell the airline to fly you somewhere with a HOT climate ASAP!!!

  18. This is a really pretty picture! So sorry you are under the weather - hopefully you'll have a trip to warmer climes soon! Thank you very much for your sweet comments on the wedding! That villa, by the way, was something else!! The bathroom was huge and you should have seen the bar - not mini in any way! It was a proper cocktail cabinet! You don't want to know what they charge per night there!! Fortunately, Louisa has a HUGE discount!
    Take care, dear. xx

  19. Indeed, this is lovely picture recording the happy moment!
    Take care Marianne!

  20. Feel better soon! What a beautiful picture! You are a fantastic artist!

  21. oh wow!!! he is so beautiful Marianne!!!! Sorry to hear you caught a cold....I have had one for over a week really does dampen our spirits!!!

    Get better super fast!!!!


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