Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Frida in Japan

Frida in good company. What a lovely couple running a restaurant with 2 tables only!
Pictures in random order,as I still haven't figured out how to place my pictures in Blogger in the order I want to.......
The table next to us: a couple with such a cute baby!
Big fish!
Behind the counter.
My DH favorite toilet. Well not mine...... so forget it Honey!
More fish!!!
Here Frida popped up again!
My favorite Maneki Neko!
You just have to enlarge this picture to see why I enjoyed my stay in Japan.........


  1. Your Frida is adorable. Did she enjoy staying with the cap?
    And as for the toilet well thank goodness it's written in English as well as Japanese. I wonder what spay I would give myself? LOL

    As for loading your photos, upload the thing you want to see last first and so on. The first photo you select will show last! Hope this helps. The last photo you choose (Browse) will show first. And if you want to add more than five then do the same again.The one you want to see on top of the last one you just put on choose next. (last) Have I made you crazy yet?

  2. gee - I didn't understand Lynns directions! but I do know that the first one I upload shows as last in the post.
    Anyway - love those fishies! you know I would.

  3. Welcome home M!!!

    Well, Blogger does different things for me. Hmmm. I used to be able to upload a picture and then write something. Then I upload another picture and say something. Now I found out it has changed so whatever order I upload the pictures is the way they get put on the post. (first picture shows first.) Now that I know that I choose the way I want my story to go and make sure my pictures are in the right order. I have NO idea why Blogger keeps changing. I liked it the other way better.

    I'll catch up with you later. Time to do the dishes and cuddle with Bliss, Emma and maybe Bri!!

    OH, my friend has that toilet with all the warm water sprays!! They said they would never live without one now that that they have one ;P

    Did you hear B got attacked by two guys??? I'm on my way to see him, poor baby.


  4. frida is having quite an adventure. i love it, a restaurant with two tables. so lovely.

    when i upload I say to myself the first shall be last and the last shall be first. or is it the other way around?

    Lo, almost sounds like you upload your pictures one at a time?? I upload five at a time.

  5. I love that they only have two tables and that you are showing Frida such an adventure.
    As for blogger I have trouble too.
    I had no idea you could load five at a time, Suki!

  6. Oh, my gosh, Marianne! Frida is such a world traveler! :) What an adorable set of pictures. I can't wait to show my hub what little Frida has been up to. Thank you for the giggles! xoxo Pam

  7. I so enjoy the little peeks into the world you give us. It is fun to see that Frida gets to be so well traveled.

  8. Welcome Home,
    Think you had fun afterwhole:))
    Just had lunch with our sweetie Nick and now off to the wood with Mr.B hope we don't run into the 2 bad guys:))
    Call you or you Me,

  9. Was fur ein Kombination! Marianne und Frida! Traveling round the globe! It's fantastic - and aren't you lucky that Frida is such a good travelling companion!
    (And she doesn't even need a passport!)

    I love the smiles on the restaurant owners' faces! Love the photos! (Not sure about that toilet... although my landlady installed Japanese toilets last year....they don't offer a choice of "sprays" - but they do open and close automatically... pretty cool!)

    Wilkommen zuruck - zur Beide! Ha-ha!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Japan looks so beautiful and I'm glad Frieda gets to enjoy it also. Two tables in the restaurant?! Interesting.

  11. HAHAHAHA marianne!!!!!

    i am so glad frida is keeping you company on your travels and she looks like she is (mostly) behaving. this post made me laugh from start to finish. you are so sweet to give frida such attention and you KNOW it makes me happy that you are enjoying her.

    not to mention pam, my prudie1 friend, who must have smiled as much as i did when she saw her frida in japan.

    love always marianne!!
    until we meet again :)

  12. p.s. marianne, i am still on the old blogger so i may be wrong, but if you're like me it's hard to even know the order of photos in advance of posting them. so...i just click on a photo and move it down to where i want it, then release the click. it's alot easier to move them down than up.

    my two cents to a million dollar friend ♥

  13. Heehee! wonderful fun post Marianne! I love that Frieda came along (lucky girl) she has earned her wings now! love all your photos too.

    Can i add my two cents on the photo issue too?
    when you've determined the order you'd like them, upload the last photo first. They stack from the bottom up. if you change your mind (that would be me!) you can click and drag your photos around. You can also copy and paste in html code (see the tab next to compose) and shuffle them around that way. Or you can throw your hands up and just let blogger have its way. haha.
    have fun dear,

  14. lucky you had that cap! I see it is responsible for all your fun times....

  15. Hi Marianne - looks like you and Frida had fun in Japan! I've never been, but I've had the toilet experience!! We stayed in a serviced apartment when we first arrived in Hong Kong and they installed these in the bathrooms - wierd experience sitting on a warm seat!! I've just enjoyed looking at Sjimmie as Maneki Neko (LinkWithin suggestion) - soooooo cute!!


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