Friday, November 5, 2010

A ride in the subway!

Frida's first ride in the NY subway! I took her to Blick's Macy's and the Old Navy Store. She didn't like to shop :( Greetings from NY!!! ♥



    i am so glad frida is accompanying you and you are showing her the sights. i am sure she will snuggle with you in a dark hotel room too!

    this made a challenging day a giddy one! thank you dear friend.

    i can't wait for pam to see this adventure!!!!


  2. She is undoubtedly overwhelmed by those so tall buildings!!!
    Take her to tea~!

  3. I've been away from the blogs all day!! Busy making cards for Tiverton.

    frida nearly made me pee my pants!!
    How funny that you brought her. KJ said you would!

    I think the other people on the subway just thought you were normal when you took your doll out and photographed her!! Crazy New Yorkers...I mean that in a good way :)

    You're so close to me...waaaaah!!


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  5. Oh too funny Marianne! I bet those New Yorkers never even noticed and if they did they thought it was normal. How could you help not giggling?!

  6. Wow! I hope you are both having a blast! XOXO

  7. Now you are in NY??? I cannot keep up with you! WOW! I want to go to NY one day!!!!!!!!

  8. so she was a bad shopper, marianne? i'm surprised, she must order from fashion catalogs.

    is she good company?

    good, i'm glad!

    love love

  9. HAHAHA! Yay, Marianne and Frida! Two girls out on the town! I'm sure little Frida will warm up to the shopping experience. :) Hee hee. Thank you for making me giggle. xoxo!

  10. Frida will be well traveled before long. I hope you enjoyed your NY visit.

  11. I expect next we'll see you on the front page of the NY Times!! Have fun window shopping

  12. Two girls 'on the town' and on the "A Train"! Ha-ha! I love that you brought Frida along....and yes, Lo is right - in NY, no one batted an eyelash to see you two "dolls" together!

    I'll bet Frida changes her mind about shopping! ;)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  13. Dear KJ, We had fun though! Just like people with different interest can :)
    My oh my this was some trip!!!!

    Hi Lynn,
    Next time I will take her to the Russian tearoom. Great idea!

    Hi Lo!
    Indeed those people didn't blink their eyes. They are used to seeing much more weird things.
    I however felt a little awkward.....taking her out of the bag. Thought people would think next thing I would do is to push needles in her.......and people would fell down in pain. But no one
    thought anything. Unfortunately I had only my mobile phone with me so next time better pictures.

    Yes Teri you are right and I think I have to get used to taking her out of my bag at different locations. Next time I will bring my small camera ;)

    Hi Annie , we did!

    Hi Julie, well I am home again it was just a cannonball trip (in many ways) :) Hope you will see NY one day!

    Yes KJ but I guess we just have to learn from each other ;) She liked Blick's though so I guess I just have to take it slow......

    Hi Pam, she has too because that is sure something I love ♥. Thanks dear for making our adventures possible!

    I did Lisa, and I hope Frida will see many places. We have decided she will live in my suitcase from now on. Hope to bring her to Mexico one day.....

    Hi Suki, to get the front cover I better take a giant Bed bug with me....... (teachers pest). I didn't let them bite me however!

    Hi Robin, ha ha 2 dolls together..... And yes I will learn her to appreciate shopping!

    Thanks everyone for your comments more adventures will follow with hopefully better pictures. Holding her with one hand and making pictures with one other wasn't easy....We both have to practice...

  14. oh in one of my favorite cities!!! how wonderful is that!!!! She is so lucky you are showing her the town!!!!

    Happy Weekend Marianne!!!!


  15. dear marianne, i've been away from the computer all weekend and missed your trip! i hope you girls had a good time, i love the pic. So cute!

  16. Hee Hee! Fun photo.. so the trip is going well?! :)


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