Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone hope you are enjoying thanksgiving with your loved ones!
Here in Holland we don't celebrate this day.....So no turkey leftovers for Koekie and Droppie.
But I am thankful today for so many things and one of them is having you all for my blog friends!
I am slowly recovering from my cold. Next week I will travel to Singapore and hopefully the sunshine and wamth will do me good :)
♥Happy Thanksgiving!♥


  1. Happy Thanksgiving back to you, dear Marianne! I am truly thankful to have "met" you and have you in my life as a friend!

    I am glad your cold is beginning to disappear... they are so awful!

    Sending WARM hugs to you, Felix (der "WK), Sjimmie, Spook, Koekie, Droppie and Lancelot-Chatelain!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. Love this video.... definitely something all pet owners should heed!

    Kuss-Kuss! ♥

  2. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes....anytime is right for us to be thankful for health, family and good friends near and FAR!!!! Love your bird/cactus painting, you always impress!!!! Take care of that cold.

  3. what an effective video!

    one of my pet peeves (hahaha, no pun intended) is dogs who beg for food during meals. not a good idea.

    feel better marianne. do you have a stove or fireplace? i hope so.

  4. There is a lot of colds going around here too Marianne. I hope you are better soon. Loved the movie. Iknow a dog just like that. My dog is too big to fit under the table or she would try that. Ha.. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  5. I loved that video of the dog under the table....made me laugh. We had a vegetarian Thanksgiving, so no turkey for Gizzy either ;-)

    I'm thankful for my blogging friends too. Have a wonderful week :-)

    Kind Regards,
    Doris und Gizzy

  6. Tee hee! Always love Simon's videos! Enjoy Singapore - it's raining a lot in this area at the moment, but at least it's warm!x

  7. and i am thankful to know you too Marianne. Hope your cold cures soon. Poor poochie.

  8. I would LOVE to spend Thanksgiving with you!

    This video is funny, but when I worked for vets we would see so many sick dogs the day after Thanksgiving. They all had pancreatitis from too much fat and leftovers, or they had issues from eating turkey bones. So sad!!

    This little one looks like Emma :)
    And I love Simon's videos.

    Love, Lo♥

  9. Very effective message in that video. I hope you feel better soon!! xoxo

  10. Oh Marianne, thank you for posting this video! I watched it yesterday (but no time to comment yet), but i am so glad i did.
    It's so hard to say no to our little owen, he doesn't really beg, but sits there watching so polite and sweet and when i offer him bites he jumps up and practically twirls around! i love it, and even i know to be careful, i am so glad to have had this reminder. Thank you.

    I am thankful for your friendship too, you are a bright and beautiful spot in my life.

    oh! feel better soon!

  11. Hi meid,
    Hij(de laptop) doet het weer zat zo'n boel junk op (((:
    En jij al beter?
    Morgen misschien camera ligt al klaar.
    Goeie reis zondag,echt heeeeel vervelend naar de warmte,enjoy.

  12. So cute, Marianne! There's a lot in common between Simon's Dog and all of us at Thanksgiving! I was full to bursting, when I saw one more thing that I hadn't tried, so had to eat it!

  13. There doesn't have to be a special day to be thankful for all we have - I'm thankful for you and all my other blog friends. How is it possible that two years ago I didn't know you existed? My life is fuller because I've "met" you!

  14. Keep feeling better, Marianne! Have fun in Singapore...wish I could meet you there!!! Hehehe.


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