Monday, November 1, 2010

Cactus Monday / Sjimmie in Halloween costume

(Sjimmie with Cactus Bunny Ears, obviously not amused....)
Here is Sjimmie in his Halloween outfit.
He went into town for trick or treat but went for the treats of course .
Unfortunately he only got tricks.....
Imagine yourself opening the door and seeing this creature on your doorstep.......... It would scare the cr.. out of me.
He got hit with a broom and got a bucket of water thrown over him. Poor Sjimmie.
He told me that this was the last time he would let me dress him up. No need to tell you cats don't like to be dressed up in the first place, but when I told him he could get treats he wanted to give it a try.
Happy Cactus Monday!
Sjimmie says: For more cactus fun please visit my aunt Teri!


  1. Ach.....der arme Sjimmie.....

    I guess he will never opt for "Tricks or Treats" again! But, he does look adorable! (Though absolutely disgruntled!)

    I guess Sjimmie would have had more fun if Emily V.V. Rabbitt joined him...think what mischief the two of them would create!


    Immer mit Liebe,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. he looks like a prickly pear Mickey Mouse!! I do love him in front of the full moon with colorful leaves at his feet.

    Should I write this comment in Spanish so you can practice??
    (I don't know how!)

    If anyone hits Sjimmie with a broom you beat them up!


  3. oh Marianne!!! this is such a cute are so cute with the ideas.....I love the cactus ears....

    Have a wonderful day!!!!

  4. Oh Sjimmie you handsome devil. You would get treats here even if you weren't dressed up. HCM.

  5. ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sjimmie, you are priceless and wonderful. I LOVE this costume!!! Halloween hugs to you! and Marianne.

    ❤HCM from Auntie❤

  6. I would have loved to have Sjimmie visit us in his Halloween costume.He and Henry V could have had a romp together. Next year perhaps!!! Happy CM and Halloween too!1!

  7. the perfect smile before i head to bed.

    not to be religious, but this is one heck of a crown of thorns!

    love love you marianne

  8. Cats crack me up - they really know how to look totally annoyed when they are ;-)

  9. Ha ha he does not look happy. It would be terrible if they had ears like that. Cat ears are so soft. Great addition to cactus Monday. HCM

  10. Marianne! This is so wonderful! What a good sport Sjimmie is :-).

  11. He is the perfect halloween cat, and awfully cute. I loved him on top the pumpkin too. happy belated halloween Marianne.

  12. Oh, Sjimmie, what you won't do for treats!!!!! Hee hee hee...funny kitty!!!!!


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