Thursday, January 29, 2009

Number 9 / Rainbow colors

My ATC for number 9. This is my favorite one so far. Some use silver or pearl colors for nine but I always use rainbow colors. Number 9 stands for Universal Love, so I dedicate this rainbow to my Dad! 

  Mijn ATC voor nummer 9. Deze is van alle nummer ATC´s mijn favoriet! Die regenboog doet wat met me! Sommigen gebruiken voor het getal 9 zilver of parelmoerkleuren. Ik gebruik bijna altijd regenboogkleuren. Nummer 9 staat voor naasten- en universele liefde, dus draag ik deze regenboog op aan mijn vader. 
Dazzling image of a full-circle rainbow (A Rainbow mandala, well how cool is that!!!) So where, you might wonder, would you find the crock of gold? That's what the myth says you will discover at the end of the rainbow. But sadly for treasure-hunters, this one has no end. It is a perfect circle. This awesome sight in the skies over Malaysia yesterday wasn't really a rainbow at all but a rare optical illusion called a sundog. Scroll down for more...
Rare: a full-circle rainbow in Malaysia These appear when the sun is low in the sky and its rays catch the thin vapour formed of ice crystals which lies in the atmosphere six miles above the Earth's surface. The rays are refracted by the crystals to produce what looks like a halo round the sun. Sometimes, as here, they display a spectrum of colours from red closest to the sun to a pale blue furthest from it, which has led to them being mistaken for full circle rainbows. In centuries past, they were thought of as signs of ill omen. These days they are most often mistaken for UFOs. Source and picture Mail Online I have been either very busy or very tired these last 2 days. But I have read all your sweet comments! Each and everyone of them is highly appreciated and I am happy to have so many sweet people thinking of me and my family! I have been visiting all your blogs , but had no energy or time to comment, which I will try later.I did comment to a few but it is too much for one evening. I saw some very sweet posts! I will try to pick up everything again next week. Tonight I wrote 2 speeches one for my Swedish family and one in Dutch. Bought clothes for my Mom and myself. Went to the hairdresser with Felix so we both are as new again...... Tomorrow morning I will get up at 5 and will collect Anna from Schiphol. Anna is my niece (read sister) from Sweden. My aunt Ulla and her daughter Eva (Anna`s twin sister)will come one day later. Unfortunately My Uncle Eskil can not come because of his health. Then we will go to Per to deliver some music , to collect my uniform which I forgot last week. Then we will bring my Mom´s clothes to her home and we will feed the kitties. We will visit Mom, who is still in a temporary rehab centre. So a full schedule again. The ceremony for my Dad will be on Saturday in Rotterdam. I really hope I can do my speeches without any tears. Impossible, but I hope I will be strong enough to pay my Dad the honor he deserves.


  1. Dearest Marianne,

    May this beautiful rainbow mandala, lots of love and the powers that be give you the strength you need to get through this very difficult time. It seems as though you are really being leaned upon quite heavily now. I can say I cannot imagine what you are going through...I do not pretend I do. I can only say I am there with you in spirit as you move through these very difficult days! I wish for you and your family a great deal of peace and love.

  2. I can see the love in this photo Marianne. A beautiful post from someone whose heart is broken. I know you can get through this ordeal. Your Dad will be proud of you even if you shed some tears.

    You have so much going right now. Don't worry about us. We will be waiting for you to return from your emotional journey.

    Much Love, Light and Peace...

  3. Tears can be quite useful. I am so sad for your loss - there is nothing like that pain. Our thoughts are with you

  4. I'm sure your Dad would be very proud of you, you have such strength as well as tenderness.
    Best to your family

  5. hi marianne!
    you are such a loving person and good friend. i am thinking of you.
    your family is so luck to have you and you them.

  6. It's okay to cry when giving your speeches to honor your dear father.
    The photo of the two of you is so lovely.
    My heart aches for you.
    Wishing you a smooth time these next days and weeks. Hugs...

  7. Oh Marianne, your mandala is sweet and gentle just like you and your Dad. That is such a sweet photo of you too. You wiil do just fine because your Dad will be in your heart.


    That is a wonderful photo of Sjimmie.

  8. God bless you Marianne!

    Good luck with all you are doing now, and I will be thinking of you, and your Mom and family on Saturday, for sure.

    Love to you...Julie

  9. P.S. I have never seen a rainbow like this! Amazingly beautiful!

  10. My sincere condolances. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  11. Zit hier in de zon ,ja alweer zon vandaag ,die zon is voor jou Marianne om je sterk te makem voor je speech morgen.
    Want dat gaat goed ,je kan het en een traan erbij is normaal toch?
    Als je zoveel van iemand houd.
    We denken aan de dag van de foto,wat een mooie dag....

  12. beautiful and even more lovely and touching since it was created for your dad. Thanks for sharing not only your art, but your memories, thoughts and feelings. You are such an inspiration.

  13. A beautiful mandala for your dear Dad. I will be thinking of you on Saturday. tears are okay. May peace be with him as he transits into other realms of being. Love, Suki Hugs and blessings.

  14. Marianne, such a beautiful mandala and picture of you and your Dad. So sad, but I'm sure you will do great with the speeches even with tears. I will be thinking of you on Saturday too.

  15. Hope you are feeling better:)
    Inspired by rainbow and you have this beautiful piece.
    Imagine your late father is in heaven, living the peaceful rainbow life:)

  16. what a ovely photot of you and your dad. even if you shed tears, they wll be ones of true love. i will be thinking of you tomorrow. with love and wfs and lotsa hugs.

  17. Dear Marianne,

    This is a lovely tribute to your dad. I'm sure there will be rainbows around all of you at his service. You have had such grace during this hard time. I'll hold you in my heart.


  18. Dear Marianne,
    Thanks for showing us the photo of the Sundog, I have never seen anything like it! No wonder it has been mistaken for a UFO!
    We will all be thinking of you tomorrow at your Dad's service.
    Lots of hugs x x

  19. Marianne
    My heart is sad for you- and what your family is going through.
    Such a hard time,,,,
    Only words to say is you are loved, and I don't even know you. Let the love touch your heart and carry you through, my friend.

  20. Hi and your family ou rin my thoughts...may you all find the strength you need to help eachother get through this difficult time...

    bless you all...


  21. Cheer up Marianne!
    I am dedicating this song for you:)

  22. hoe voel jy vandag? is jy weer tuis? ek stuur baie liefs en wfs vir jou my vriendin, en jy is diep in my gedagtes en in my hart.


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