Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Animal Wednesday from LA

 This was the first picture Robin and I took after we met
We walked to the window and look who was waiting there to greet us?!
I know it looks like a breadcrumb but believe me it was a big crow.
(Picture made with my cell phone.)
 Marja gave me a Bofie bag to bring to Robin. 
She was in tears when she saw her perfect gift!
After our lunch we met this girl
Here she flew away with her beer battered fries.........

Click to enlarge. This one escaped from the Rhode Island squirrel huntress. Just popped in to say hello to us.

 We went on the patio and he didn't go away. 

Here is Robin. See how close we could come?!

 Cute cute cute
Here is Robin , Hollywood diva at the walk of fame with cookie monster. Felix loves Cookie monster so this animal was for him:)
 Hard to see but there was a crow in this tree as well.
Also this was the view from the back of our hotel.
These were made with my cell phone again while waiting on the train home.

Today just the animal pictures.
I have 2 more posts in store for you all.
One with pictures of the two of us and one with the mystery guest ;)

It was a wonderful trip and it was so much fun meeting Robin!
She is just adorable and the visit was the way I expected it to be and more.

Today I had an operation at the dental surgeon, so I am still groggy from all the Diazepam they gave me. I am also taking pain killers. 
I survived........... I feel dizzy so I will return to the couch with my furry kids to keep me company and help me heal. I hope to feel better soon.

Happy Animal Wednesday ♥♥♥


  1. Oh how fun Marianne. You have met so many bloggers with all your travels. Sounds like a wonderful time.

    Hope all is well with the dental work. I giggle because I was at the dentist this am but only for cleaning...the work is next month.


  2. O BRAVE Zuster! You did it! I am so proud of you!

    Looking at these photos brings back every moment! We DID have a wonderful, magical time!

    Love that Lolo's Ravens followed you all the way home! How perfect!
    And the one on LA with the fries......that was too funny! Great camera work to catch him in flight!!!!

    I miss you....yes, already!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Just want to say "hope you're feeling better soon." Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  4. See, I was there in (raven) spirit! ;)

    I love the pictures of the squirrels and that view. Wow!! Robin, I also love that hat!

    Oh M, I wish your day wasn't so hard. I'll respond to your email. Why did they think valium would be a sedation? It's only an anti-anxiety drug. You needed general anesthesia for what you had done, poor girl :( You are SO brave!!

    Looking forward to the other pictures. Thanks for thinking of me and Emma, the squirrel huntress!! And of course our other sister, sweet Marja ;)

    feel better dear friend~


  5. What a treat for you two to get together - you are both dolls. Hope you recover quickly from the dental surgery as we would all love to see the rest of your pictures!!

  6. It is such fun meeting fellow bloggers. I am glad you had such a good time together. Big Hugs for the patient. I hope you are feeling better soon. HAW.

  7. Feel better soon, Marianne! You two looked like you had such a good time!!! To meet Cookie Monster too...WOW!!! :)


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