Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This is how our fun weekend began 
 With bubbles and gifts
And a lot of fun 
 Which lasted the whole weekend
 We talked ate and finally raised our glasses
 Our rental car ;)
At the Lido
Wish Gordon Ramsay had done something about the music as well.(don't forget to click on the link here)
 LA , city of famous people..... Who is this?
 On our way to Hollywood..........
 Indeed it was magic

 At Venice beach
 Beverly Hills here we come........
 Click to enlarge and find the Hollywood sign.......
 I found my favorite star on the walk of fame.............(my dad)
 I bought this CD of this soon to be famous rapper. See how he bends over to fit in the picture......
 The Chinese theater..............
 Two ladies having fun and acting as tourists.............
 We walked around in circles and finally found our Starbucks.....
 And the Hollywood sign..............
A view of LA's skyline (Robin's picture)
 Robin escaped the storm in SF and enjoyed the sun in LA with me........
 The market Place and the Groove. Wow it was like little Disneyland........
Ready for our last evening together...... 
 We stopped to smell the pine trees...................
 Robin ready to go home again.................
 There she goes off to SF...............
(Did it really happen....)

No need to tell you we had a great time hope the pictures show it.
(Tomorrow part 3)

Today I look like a hamster, my face is swollen, my stomach hurts from the medicine but I am in less pain.
I will take it easy until after the weekend, like the doctor prescribed.
I know I am way behind visiting all your blogs, but I will try to catch up with all of you in the next days.

Blogger ate all my comments on the Animal Wednesday post from last week. Did anyone else experience this? What a bummer. I always appreciate all your comments. 
Hope all of you are enjoying your week!


  1. What a wonderful trip you two had - just awesome. you both look happy and relaxed and it's great to see the sites. So...Danny Kaye was your dad? Hmmmm.....

    Everyone had problems with Blogger last week, it kept eating the comments. Very odd and no explanation from them.

    I hope your hamster face goes down, just don't start running on a hamster wheel! take it easy and feel better soon.

  2. It is good that you have this wonderful trip to look back on while you are recovering from your surgery. Big Hugs.

  3. You two were in my old stomping grounds! Made me homesick to see this. But the two of you obviously had a tremendous time together. Ain't it grand to spend time with a pal? :)) xo Pam

    PS Feel better!

  4. Oh you two look fabulous and what fun to race around LA seeing the sights and eating good food and drinking good wine. Thanks for sharing. Sending warm thoughts for your healing after your surgery. By the way, blogger was off-line for a few days last week and everyone experienced disruption in service. be well, Suki

  5. Oh I hope you feel better soon Marianne! Glad you both had such a wonderful time in L.A. It does look like a lot of fun!

  6. oh this looks like a blast!!!! what a wonderful make me want to travel!!!!

  7. The photos do tell all...a fabulous time! And I was also at Venice Beach when we went to the Rose parade/Bowl--what a place.

    Hugs for feeling better real soon.

    Oh yes, Blogger did a number on me also.

  8. Yes it is obvious you two had the time of your lives. How sweet that you could meet like this.
    And what fun you had!!!
    Yes, blogger ate mine too so I re posted.
    Hope you are on the mend and will be totally well NOW/SOON/NOW!!!

  9. how great to look at all these pictures!! you really rocked and rolled into hollywood!

    a weekend of nothing but laughter? OOOOHHHHHHH!

    but where is frida? :^)

    so happy for both of you.

    love love

  10. p.s. i hope you feel better marianne. you have had too much trouble from the medicine gods.


  11. wow! nice photos and post.... wanna go Venice beach! i love beach!...

  12. how absolutely wonderful for you both.


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