Friday, May 20, 2011

Frida Friday

 Frida was in La-La land as well
 Here's where she finally met Robin
 Frida was happy to be taken on a trip with us
Not afraid of any danger
 At ease with the celebs
 Met Obama
 See LAX in the background?
 Sniffed the ocean breeze
 Pretty women
 Shopped for Chanel (channel) and Gucci (gukki)
 At Rodeo drive
 She fired the comb over 
 Shopped at the Groove
Stopped to smell the (desert) roses
Back in the suitcase home..... Too bad it was over

Hope this answers KJ's Question of where Frida was........
With us sharing the fun in La-La land

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  1. That lucky Frieda. She is well traveled.

  2. are such a traveler! You hot all the hot spots! How cool.
    :) Looked like such a good time with your friend, Robin! Can you get me an airline job??? LOL.

  3. Hysterical that you bring Frida with you on your travels. I have often wished I could be tucked into a traveler's luggage so I might see the world!!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA marianne!

    you have a traveling friend for LIFE! and you are showing frida so much of the world, soon she may want her own seat on the plane!

    these pictures are hilarious. adorable. delightful. insightful.

    and very impishly charming.

    you, robin and frida turning heads in la, and taking your vicarious friends along. HAHAHAHA!


  5. OMG, this is hilarious!!!!!!!!!

    I love that she fired the comb over!! So funny marianne!

    I love the way she fits into all of your adventures. Are you going to bring her to Italy and France??

    In one of the pictures her hair looks like the palm trees in the background!

    Did you buy her anything at Chanel and Gucci??

    You girls really packed a lot in a couple of days. What fun!!


  6. Oh Marianne and Frida.....I miss you girls! But, didn't we have a blast - particularly when we hit Venice Beach and Rodeo Drive! Love those "Channel" and "Gukki" bags! A-ha-ha!

    And how fun to "fire" "The Donald"!!!!


    ♥ " Rockin Robin " ♥

  7. oh what a perfect Frida Friday!!! love these fun photos Marianne!!!!

  8. HAHAHAHA! still laughing, too adorable....

    hee hee hee too

  9. How did I miss this??? This is hysterical! Frida obviously had a blast. I love her with Elvis - hahahaha! Oh, my, she is having some wonderful adventures, Marianne! xox Pam

  10. Nice stuff! I'm enjoying reading your blog here!


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