Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Animal Wednesday / In the garden

This video I made yesterday in the garden..
Wanted to show you the 3 generations of fish in my pond but only the big ones are to be seen in the video.
When walking around there are always some pets in the garden. I am blessed to have these sweet animals, What would I do or be without them?!
The video is made with my phone so not the best of quality. But believe me when you'd give me a high tech HD camcorder I wouldn't do much better...... Somehow I prefer to take pictures.
My DH thought it was a silly video...... :(



  1. I think your video is cute. I love seeing your garden filled with your sweet pets. I loved the addition of the scary music for viewing your beautiful fish. I kept expecting a shark but those perky goldfish popped out. HAW.

  2. omg a symphony in your garden! how were those fish trained to move with the music like that? :^)

    i always always like seeing your space and place, marianne.


  3. HAW! Marianne! This is hysterical! So sweet to see the three "Angels" come when called - I especially liked seeing Koekie and Droppie, yards apart, but still rolling - almost in unison!
    Then Sarah joined in too...

    And finally, the ominous music from "Jaws".... the fish were splashing in time to the crescendos! Ha-ha! Of course, we were all waiting for the ominous "shark" aka "PoD"......and ....after a long wait...he appeared! Sjimmie!
    He is so funny...he KNOWS what a *Star* he is.... and milks every minute!

    All of your furry ones are truly beautiful...each one has his/her own special quality of beauty - and humour! One thing they ALL share - they love their MUM!

    Like KJ, I always like looking at the views from your beautiful home and garden!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. very sweet to see kitties and doggies and fish to the Jaws tune. NOt sure how you did that! lovely place you have there and the sun was shinning.

  5. i love this video!! I thought you gave your fish away, no? Some of them? I love that pond. When "Jaws" started playing I nearly choked on my lunch!

    Your animals are so happy and content. Who wouldn't be, living with you?

    Always nice to hear your voice too. Music to my ears ;)

    HAW...a day late!


  6. Love that excitement at the pond! I was waiting to be scared to death as a huge koi leapt out at us!!! Hehehe.

    It was so nice to hear your voice speaking to the animals!!! I can't believe how much love abounds us when we have our pets!

    Loved your video...thanks for sharing, Marianne!!!

  7. Marianne, I think the video is wonderful, all you furbabies and fishes in one lovely place.xoxo

  8. Hi Marianne - well, DH may have thought it was silly, but I enjoyed it!! Lovely to see all your animals enjoying the sunshine in the garden. Sorry, I haven't been around much - have been working hard on my website! x


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