Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aum Mandala

Mandala made for Lilac Robin :)

In Hindu mythology, 'Aum' has another symbolic meaning: the letter ‘A’ also represents the process of creation, when it is said that all existence issued forth from Brahma's golden nucleus; the letter ‘U’ refers to Vishnu, the god who is said to preserve this world by balancing Brahma on a lotus above himself. The ‘M’ symbolizes the final part of the cycle of existence, when it is said that Vishnu falls asleep and Brahma has to breathe in so that all existing things have to disintegrate and are reduces to their essence to him. This is the ‘M’ of Mahesha, also known as the great god Shiva, whose long period of yoga begins so that the sensual world ceases to exists. Finally, the silence at the end of the mantra symbolizes the period between death and rebirth. One must not forget that this silence is an important part of the mantra.

Have a nice Sunday


  1. oooh, gorgeous colors here. i know Robin will love it. I have a CD of Snatnam Kaur singing. lovely.

  2. Robin does INDEED love it....because Marianne presented it to me (along with so many other wonderous things) while we were in LA! It is even more gorgeous in person... when I look at it, it brings me a sense of calmness - but also a sense of self-awareness.

    Marianne, you have SO MUCH true talent.... you are amazing....and inspirational! (And I love your humour too!)

    Beautiful music from Snatnam Kaur...thank you for the introduction to this music!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. if i loved purple and someone special gave me this purple mandala, i would swoon forever.

    which i'm sure is the actual course of events. :^)

    it is stunning marianne, stunning and oh so calm.

    i want to know where robin is going to hang this....


  4. This is perfect for Robin. Beautiful. I like the music too.

  5. Now I can really see the detail and the beauty!! I know it will bring peace and calming to Robin, but it will also remind her of a special weekend with a dear friend♥

    I was just listening to this I will find a cd by them. I have lots of Amazon credit!!

    So wonderful talking to you. I know day by day you will be more yourself. What a lot to go through! Thank you for calling and for all the other nice things you do for me. ;)

    Healing vibes, hugs and love~

  6. This is so gorgeous Marianne. Robin is truly lucky.

  7. What a lovely Mandala and the story behind it is amazing! Thank you for the explanation. That was very interesting. Sounds like you two had a most excellent time in LA together - it's wonderful to make such lovely memories!

  8. It took all day but finally blogger allows me to leave a comment here. Sometimes it just won't.
    I have no doubt Robin loves and will cherish this beautiful Mandala! It is so pretty. So glad the two of you had such a good time getting together. I love it when blog friends meet up!!! Makes our world so much smaller!

  9. Lucky Robin, simply beautiful with astounding colors!!!

  10. truly gorgeous, i'm sure robin will treasure this always!

  11. Very gentle and peaceful colours... beautiful.
    M x

  12. oh so beautiful Marianne!!!! she will love it always!!!


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