Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Visit to Sweden


Home again after being away one week.
First I flew to Johannesburg and when I returned Friday I flew to Sweden (Gothenburg) with my brother to visit my family.
My uncle has had a tough half year in which he got a stroke and had his leg amputated.
We really feared for his life a while.
I was so happy to see he was doing so much better now. He looked good and his spirits were high again.
I am so happy we made the trip to visit him. We also visited a sweet aunt of mine I haven't seen in 5 years and of course I enjoyed my stay with my dear Swedish sister (cousin) Anna. 

1.  uncle Eskil, aunt Ulla, brother Per and I
2. Anna and I
3. Per Ulla (another aunt) and I
4. Shopping at Haga Nygatan
5. Haga Nygatan
6. Butterflies in Vasaparken (AW)
7. In a tree
8. deer in the park (AW, does this count?)

We had one day of rain and for the rest lovely sunny autumn weather. It was fun to travel together with my brother and to see my family again.
I still have a few days off before I fly next week.
The first (yesterday) I spent relaxing and sleeping as 2 trips in a row is tiring I found out.
The kids have Autumn holiday now so I decided not to continue painting the corridor. I will do that after my next trip. Tomorrow we will visit my Mom and see Johnny English with the family.  I think the boys will love it and think I will too ;)

Have a nice and sunny week ♥


  1. your life is so facinating marianne, all the travels you do, even if it is for work, my goodness. i hope you had a good couple days in joberg as well as sweden. that is a place i can't wait to go someday, i found not too long ago that my family is originally from sweden and not norway.
    good your uncle is better, lovely family photos.
    and now i hope you get some rest.

    xxx lori

  2. I agree with Lori, you are lucky to travel all around the world even it's for work!

    I hope everything is fine and take care in midst of business. It's good to be with family again. Home sweet home!

  3. So glad your Uncle is doing better, Marianne! Nice trip to Sweden...I love seeing you in that tree hole!!! Beautiful yellow line of trees too!!!

  4. you are so busy and you look great. is that a tan i see?

    glad your uncle is better and that you had this lovely family visit. be well, suki

  5. I am happy to see that you are getting some rest before stepping into the fast lane again.

    I know your family was thrilled to see you. Your visit was probably the best medicine.


  6. I am so happy he is slowly recovering- what lovely photos of you all and what a lovely place. Johannesburg- I was there last month!!
    Lotsa wfs to you all.

  7. You Uncle looks great! And so do you :)
    I'm so glad you and your brother had time with family.

    That movie looks hilarious!! I know the boys will love it! Maybe I'll go see it with Brian.

    Do you know my car is wrecked? I've been on the phone with both insurance companies. Bummer :(
    No injures though, but too bad to heppen before I start my job.

    Miss you!

  8. you are beautiful, marianne...

    your smile says it all--how happy you are to be with your family.

    i don't know how you keep up but i think it is because your spirit is so alive!


  9. Lovely pics - the trip looked wonderful - Sweden is beautiful in the Autumn. I watched the video of your Uncle on FB - wonderful!! hope you enjoy the movie - I saw Johnny English a few weeks ago - was hilarious!

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