Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Animal Wednesday / Minoes

 No, I am not drinking. I am falling asleep with some support for my beautiful head.
A little cramped here on my spot at the desk and the water glass was in my way as well, but I made a virtue of necessity.

♥Happy Animal Wednesday♥


  1. Isn't it amazing what positions animals can sleep in? Poor girl didn't want to give up her spot. HAW.

  2. Our animals do the most precious things.

  3. To cute. My cat gets into small boxes and funny postitions. I hope you enjoy your shed when you get it. Yes they are worth buying. Even if you have to paint it. maybe a paint sprayer would help you. Can you rent them there?

  4. That is hysterical! Last night our big dog feel asleep with her head on a bone. It did not look at all comfortable, but she didn't seem to mind. :) xo

  5. i'm like this, marianne: i can sleep anywhere. my mother says it's a blessing!

    thinking of you, tsup! smooch!

  6. Is this the prettiest cat in the universe, or what??? Gorgeous!!!

  7. so funny! that doesn't look comfy at all, but when your tired I guess it just doesn't matter. :)

  8. Your Furry Ones are so adorable! It is really amazing how (and where) cats (and sometimes doggies) fall asleep!

    Love this post!

    It was wonderful chatting with you - even for a few minutes!

    And....please tell der Wunderkind I loved his comments on Lo's blog!! It's always great to hear his *voice*. I thought of Felix the moment I met Emma.... no wonder he fell in love with her! I also thought of him as we drove to Mim's and we passed the Pawtucket exit!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. they are so so sweet!!!! Cole would love these little kitty cats!!! wishing you a wonderful day Marianne!!!

  10. Oh my, she looks so much like Bliss!

    I often fall asleep on my wine glass ;P

    I miss you! Let's make sure we talk next week okay?


  11. Haha, wat kunnen ze soms op rare manier in slaap vallen. Prachtige kat trouwens!


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