Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shell finished

Yesterday I finished this shell at my art class.
I am so happy I finally created something again. I loved working on this.
This painting and all my abalone shells will be in my new toilet once it is completely finished.
Today I will fly to Suriname and next week I hope to start painting my toilet which will be a fun job! I will show you pictures next week.

Have a nice day and see you soon


  1. lovely shell. i find them very difficult to paint, and you have done it well. have a good trip

  2. oh my gosh marianne!
    it is so beautiful!
    i just love it!

  3. This is an exquisite job of painting the abolonie shell. Such color and shine!!! Wow.

    I got a chuckle about thinking of you painting your toilet. I bet you mean your bathroom. We call the whole room that and the camode the toilet. LOL Viva la differences.

  4. Wonderful, such a great palette of color... they are such great subjects to paint.

  5. Wonderful painting. It came out great. I love these shells. My parents use to have them around their house.

  6. hahaha Lynn yes that the difference in languages. In Holland the toilet is the little room where you can wash your hand and make a peepee. For me a bathroom has a shower or bath in it.
    So you probably picture me painting the toilet bowl while I mean the little room.

    Well leave the post as it is, I want others to chuckle too ;)

  7. Oh, I can just see this in a toilet. It turned out beautifully, Marianne!!! Safe flying!!

  8. You threw me with painting the toilet (oh, we Yanks!). ;) My mom had a beautiful shell like that, that has sadly disappeared over the years. I remember holding it and watching the light play off its surface. Lovely painting, Marianne! xo

  9. it is gorgeous marianne, it looks exactly like one. i think this is the prettiest painting of an abalone i've seen.
    i love these shells, they bring back so many good memories, my dad was a diver and brought home abalone to eat all through my childhood, and both my parents would decorate our house and garden with them.
    i hope you have a good safe time in suriname.

  10. It turned out just beautiful. I love all the different colors playing across the surface. It will look lovely in your bathroom (toilet). I did get a chuckle out of the choice of word differences - I'm sure all of us in US were thinking of the commode.

  11. You, m' dear, have captured the glowing essence of an Abalone... it is wonderful!

    I *got* the *toilet* reference....spent a lot of time abroad.... but I did chuckle when you said *peepee*....

    It must have felt like a mini-holiday to be at your art class and paint something other than walls! (The house does look gogeous, though!)

    Safe flight, dear Zuster..."touch trolley" etc.... Enjoy the warmth of Suriname!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. I love abalone shells (but not the contents which you see a lot of in restuarants in this part of the world!!) You've done a wonderful job here - shells are so difficult to paint. I bet it'll look fab in your new 'toilet'! Loved your last kitty post too. Have a good trip to Surinam. Groetjes, Caroline xx

  13. I'm so glad you made a beautiful abalone painting and not a peepee on the blogs!! It came out great! Nice to see you painting again. Now it's my turn :)

    I'm having slow computer issues again. I hate that.

    I hope you have a safe flight and a nice time away.


  14. This shell is great! You even captured the pearlessence of the shell. Beautifully done!!! Have a good work trip. See you when you return.

  15. What a lovely painting, Marianne...the colors are so warm and inviting, just like the sunny beaches I remember in Southern California ... perfect for your new bathroom.

    Have a safe flight and a wonderful weekend :-)

    We love you,
    Doris, Gizzy and the kitty-cats!

  16. ah my comment from yesterday has been kidnapped....

    marianne, this is stunning. i especially like how masterfully you have painted the curves and the depth of this shell. and of course the magical sparkle.

    you are so good! wowwowow

    miss you, dear dear

  17. How lovely that painting is - something to look at while you think about peepee! Hope you have a safe trip and come home with painting on your mind

  18. Oh, Marianne. I love this shell! This is very nice. I wonder how you can fit in a class with all the other stuff you have crammed into your schedule?? I do hope your bathroom gets finised soon.

  19. Marianne, I did have a giggle :-).
    The shell is beautiful! Have a good trip and have fun painting.

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