Thursday, October 13, 2011

Toilet / a room with a view

 The decoration of my bathroom is finished.
 There is still a small problem to be fixed but 
 I hope that will be solved soon 
I am happy with the way it turned out
 I have a small window overlooking........ Does anyone know where this is?
A place I would love to visit next year........

 In real the colors are a bit more vibrant but the flash makes them a bit pale.

Here is my abalone painting 
 And here the real ones. The 2 small ones Lori sent me a while ago. She found them on the beach near her.
Can you imagine finding treasures like that so near where you live?!
I am happy to have this treasure in my home.



  1. You did yourself proud Marianne. Looks devine. And I bet that scene out the window is the Cape in the USA east coast where KJ goes!

  2. oh how lovely, i want my bathroom to look like that now. i think the painting (by you?) is rhode island,near lo. but for sure the east coast. (although we have lighthouses here too). :)

    your abalone painting is absoultely gorgeous. everything looks beautiful marianne.

  3. oooh, I love that room!! And the mural! I hope it's in Rhode island, but I agree it could be Provincetown. I miss you and felix being here :(

    I like Robins idea of the 4 sisters being together.♥

    The abalone painting is beautiful M. You are so talented! And I love the light. Fancy!

    I have an interview today at the vets. Keep your fingers crossed! I'm off to get ready now.
    I'll email you later and maybe we can talk. I think I will get home too late for a phone call tonight. It will be midnight your time.

    Soon though!

    Love you and miss you.

  4. This turned out marvelous!!!! Love the painting, color choices and the chandelier1!!! Beautiful.

  5. I'm guessing that Lighthouse is in RI or P-town. And hopefully, the 4 *Zusters* will see it together in 2012.

    Love the "View" from the *peepee room* the chandelier, the flowers, Lori's shells and your amazing art!!!!

    Great job, dear Marianne!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. you have a chandelier in your bathroom. how cool. very lovely and the window is super.

  7. That is a beautiful bathroom, and I love your view! :) Those shells are amazing - I can't believe Lori found a couple on the beach! xo

  8. could a bathroom be more serene? it is beautiful, marianne. and a mini-chandelier (spelling!): a reverse elegance. i love it all.

    i don't think the window view is ptown. it must be near lo, although to me it is maine.

    i am happy this room is now nearly done and you can peepee in peace.


  9. Hi Lynn,
    thanks. No it is not P town.....

    Doesn't your shells look wonderful in this little room?!

    Lo, Yes you are right! Not the one we saw but it is RI!
    Next year! Hope the vet takes you, you would be the best for the job!

    Thanks! I love it too

    It is RI! Next year we will all meet :)

    Yes isn't it. After renovating Germain's room I saved this one for my toilet. I think it is a hoot to have a chandelier on the toilet. It looks very nice. The place is so small that I can't get everything on one picture.....

    Thank you. Yes amazing eh she found them close to where she lives!

    Thanks, I really look forward to make a peepee in this room. But they have to make the leakage first :(

  10. What a marvelous job Marianne. You won't want to leave this room. The view looks like someplace in Maine. Beautiful.

  11. looking great. love the muted colors and all the artwork... plus that chandelier. lovely!

  12. It all turned out beautiful!!!!!
    I thought it was Maine.

  13. What a lovely new bathroom. With your Art work in it looking wonderful. What is the problem they need to fix? I hope it isnt something major.

  14. it's lovely!

    the 5th sister will meet you next year for sure!!

  15. Now that's what I always wanted : a big family and lots of sisters!
    (I only have 2 brothers)
    Yes yes we will all meet!

  16. Wow, your toilet is fancier than my whole house lol. Beautiful and I love the color!
    That Lori is special, she sends me feathers :-). xoxo

  17. Your new bathroom is beautiful! I LOVE that chandelier! And your window to the beach can't be beat. Yes, it would be nice to be able to pick up abalone just by taking a walk.

  18. i LOVE your new bathroom!
    you picked the perfect colors and fixtures!
    it is wonderful marianne!

  19. HEllo Sweet Marianne!!!! I love your room with a view....that trompe l'oeil you created is amazing....what a wonderful piece....and a great are one busy bee too.....


  20. This is a lovely bathroom, Marianne. The abalone are so pretty (the real shells and your painting)!!!

  21. A truly lovely toilet, so decent and charming on its own character!
    Love the details of all the unique featured walls here!

    I personally like the last two corners very much!
    Thanks for sharing Marianne!


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