Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Animal Wednesday / Another shot........

 May I introduce myself? I am Bassie I arrived yesterday to do what my predecessor didn't succeed at last year.
 I have to make these 2 mature ladies pregnant. A big job for a young boy like me...... but I will do my best.
My new Mom doesn't know where I come from, but she thinks I must be from a situation where I was around people, because I am very tame. 
I arrived yesterday and without any fuss I stepped out of the trailer right into this yard where 2 ladies were welcoming me with grace and curiosity.
My Mom will call me Bassie , named after a terrible clown who always says "Everything is for Bassie"
Being a male I think it is my right to have first choice on everything and the girls will get the leftovers. My Mom doesn't agree, she thinks emancipation hasn't reached the world of the deer yet. Well personally I would like to keep it this way.
The girls have to go on a diet anyhow otherwise I can't make any babies according to the man, who brought me here. So I am just doing them ,more than one favor.
Please keep your fingers crossed the ladies will loose weight so they will ovulate and I will succeed in what Lancelot couldn't accomplish.

Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. Oh sweetness! What gentle creatures they are. Hope the breeding goes well, fingers crossed. ;)

  2. Bassie is so handsome. (But I still miss Lancelot Chatelain.....)
    However, I am hoping when the *Ladies* slim down a bit, everything will start working....and babies will be on their way!

    Hey there...I have those EXACT same boots - only in grey!!!

    See you SOON!!!!!!

    Off to the Opera tonight.....

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. guess there will be lots of activity going on there in awhile.

  4. Lolol...too funny...what a lucky boy to have 2 mature women all to himself!!! Hehehe!

  5. look how cute you look, marianne! you look great!!

    this excites me. deer in your yard. do they kiss you? i will enjloy following these developments. as for the male comes first, now what is THAT about? i'm sure it's a DNA survival of the fittest thing but evolution is lagging abit... L^)


  6. How lovely to have your own deer park! Good luck to Bassie - he looks so sweet, the girls are sure to fall for him!

  7. What a cutie Bassie is and you are what the midwife? Oh my goodness! good luck.

  8. This is adorable! What a tame deer but I'm not sure I agree with the emphasis on weight for the deer. What happens if they get self conscious and perhaps become anorexic? They need to be able to embrace their inner female deer-ness!

    Lovely shot of you , love the boots!

  9. It is fun to see your herd. What a handsome fellow. I bet he gets his job done.

  10. Bassie is a doll! How lucky you are to have such a beautiful herd.

  11. this is so cool marianne, i would love to be there standing next to those pretty dear (and with you too). they look so different from the deer here. i hope all goes well in the baby making department.

    p.s. you are adorable, makeing me want to cut my hair. :)

  12. Well Bassie, get humpin'!! :)
    I hope you do what you are supposed to do and don't get replaced with someone else. You're a pretty boy.

  13. oh you are so lucky!!!! what gorgeous creatures!!!

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