Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Animal Wednesday / Studio update

 My Sjimmie is recovered fully! He even killed a mole last night.The poor things was waiting for me in the hall as a gift from Sjimmie. So i think he is completely back in action :)
He is eating and enjoying life again. And I am so happy! I have been so worried.
 This little fellow landed in our garden this week
 When I got my gloves to put him in a safer spot, he was gone
 Does anyone know what kind of bat this is?

 Sarah is enjoying the sunshine. we are finally having wonderful weather!
 Sjimmie checking out the painting i did today. Just primer on the windows ;)
Close up of Spook, relaxing in a basket in the window sill.

And some pictures of the studio
 The new floor
 door to the living room
 walls isolated  
 windows arriving 
 It was a tight fit......
 dooropening in the living room
 the windows instead of the garage door 
 with the shutters down it still looks like a garage door
 mess in the garden
My future view 

I love the process. Looked forward to this for so long and I am enjoying every minute of it. Even the mess :)

Happy Animal Wednesday 


  1. so glad sjimmie is all well and catching critters again. Wow, that is going to be some fabulous studio!! I bet you cant wait to set up in there. congrats.

    1. Yes that mole was a good sign. And yes I am setting it up in my thought many times a day ;)

  2. Good news on every front!! From worry to estacy, Marianne

    Those windows are fantastic!!!!!
    I wonder if the new studio will engender new art :-)

    I can't believe you were going to pick up that bat. I couldn't do it

    Love love

    1. I had Germain bring me my gloves first just in case he would bite ;)
      And yes I am very exited about everything!!!!

  3. Your Studio is coming along nicely. Is that going to be ALL studio? yuk on the bat..I hope it didnt have rabies. Makes me nervous when something is out of its element..Something could be wrong. Glad your Kitties is all well.

    1. Yes the whole room will be mine:)
      Yes you never know with bats, thats why I wanted my gloves first but then he was already gone. You are right about animals out of their element, mostly there is something wrong. We have a lot of bats here but I have never found one in my garden.

  4. Oh..on my blog I didn't take a photo of the dead Squirrel so that's why you couldn't see it. By the time I saw the thing the Turkey Vulture had flown on. I knew something was around tho.. just couldn't see it till we got on top of it.. poor squirrel got hit by a car. :(

    1. Oh now I SEE :)
      Poor squirrel, I love them!

  5. Marianne....FABULOUS NEWS about *PoD* much as I hate the killing of innocent creatures......I KNOW that Sjimmie IS feeling better..and of course, he HAD to bring you his *Thank You Gift* for giving him such loving care...he looks GREAT in the photo...those green eyes are full of mischief...

    Ah, the Studio.... it is going to be SO WONDERFUL...and you opted to put the windows in on the side I love so much! A brand new chapter in your life as an artist is about to begin!

    What a great post!

    Love to all...including Sarah and Spook who look gorgeous....and Felix....*Wunderkind Posing*!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Hi Marianne!!!! what a wonderful post!!!! I love seeing your little Sjimmie....and that bat....yikes!!!! he looks spookie....and I love the new studio...and you are going to have a beautiful view!!!!

  7. Wow, this looks so nice Marianne! Lucky you! I see a lovely view and lots of light in there.
    Glad to know that Sjimmie is on the mend. HAW to you too!

  8. It is really looking good, and what a view! So excited for you... I bet you are counting down the days to move in and get CREATIVE.
    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  9. Dearest M,

    That is the best news about Sjimmie!!!! And your studio too!

    All good things will come about from now on ;)

    Pretty soon you'll see Robin! I fianally have my computer back as of today. I didn't get a chance to show you the licorice in time. No worries. We can do without!

    Love and miss you!


  10. Cats are so good at healing but it's so tough to watch them Heal! So glad he is doing well enough to provide "food" for his family

    I just love your studio! It looks so bright and cheerful and accessible!

  11. I am so happy about Sjimmie!And also your new studio!
    I love the bat and all your furbabies.
    I have been trying to leave a comment on many posts, but blogger would not let me, it appears it will today.

  12. Sjimmie is forever with high spirit!
    Rest in peace Sjimmie!

    Thank you for sharing your process of your studio.
    I can't wait to see the completion!


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