Monday, May 21, 2012

Mignon 27-11-1985

All numbers of the date of birth added gives the number 7 as Life Path number and her course number is a 7 also so 2 times purple.
For the Life path number I picked 7 purple lotus petals. For the course number I always paint the color as a background.

I enjoyed painting this mandala, I hope you enjoyed the making of :)

BTW Sjimmie is doing much better today, I have no idea what has been wrong with him but I am very grateful he is recovering.

Have a nice day !


  1. hi marianne!

    oh it is wonderful!
    we love your mandala!

  2. It is SO beautiful Marianne, as all your mandalas are.

    I didn't know Sjimmie as not well. So happy to hear he is better now. Hugs to him and you.

  3. Marianne.... I NEVER cease to be amazed by your creativity....each Mandala is unique, beautiful and TRUE to the spirit of the person you are creating it for.... Mignon will be thrilled!

    And.....Sjimmie......thank goodness he is on the road to recovery... our special little *PoD* brings such joy to all of us around the world!

    Love....and wow....see you soon!

    ♥ Robin ♥


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