Friday, May 11, 2012

Mignon step 5

step the 9 lotus petals in rainbow colors.

In India, the meaning the lotus flower represents health, long life, honor, favor of God etc. Lotus flower also represents divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment.

In Buddhism the Lotus flower is known to symbolize purity of speech, of the body, and of the mind. It is fabled that Siddhārtha Gautama (Gautama Buddha), whose teaching Buddhism is founded upon, left a trail of Lotus Flowers in his wake with every step that he took. Perhaps the major Lotus flower symbolism is it’s association with spiritual awakening or enlightenment.

Blue and White Lotus Flowers

A person’s path in life is said to be similar to that of the Lotus. Starting at the seed stage, early in the karmic cycle, through to the bud emerging from the dirty water, representing a person following the path of spirituality and leaving attachment behind, and finally blossoming, this is when a person has become fully awakened and has achieved nirvana.
(Picture and meaning found on this site)

Studio: End of day 5

Have been busy although there is not much I can do at this moment in my studio. Except deciding and ordering things. I am still exited about every step.
Tomorrow is already my last day off. Sunday I will fly to Chengdu.
No blogger or Facebook there so can´t keep in touch......
Thursday when I return I hope to see much done in my studio.
Tomorrow morning I hope to make a blog round and leave some comments :)
I know I am not a good blog friend at this moment.
I  expect to get more time in July again.

Have a nice day!


  1. I hope by the time you come home it will be looking like your studio. How exciting this all is. Love the mandala too. Have a successful trip. Will look forward to hearing from you when you return.

  2. Your art form is always so precise and beautiful and educational too. How wonderful to be building a studio for it all. Happy for you. Enjoy!

  3. I haven't been a very good blog friend lately either. I wish I had more "awake" time! But you know I love you and everything you make. And I'm so very excited about your studio!! It's finally a reality!



  4. You will always be a good blog friend to me!!! Thanks so much for all your supportive comments when my Mom died, Marianne! I know it must be so fun watching your studio come to life! I have been talking to husband about the possibility of moving to a new home with a Mother in Law apt. for the DIL and grands, and also space for a craft room! Nothing would make me happier!!!
    I ran into a guy at my neighbors who does the same job as you on the airlines! I told him I also wish to do this so I can travel...would that not be the greatest??? You are a lucky gal!!!

    Happy Mothers Day, Marianne.

  5. I can't wait to see your finished art studio and what you plan to put into it. I would have so much fun creating an art space like that. Someday! Have a good trip. I too have not been such a good blog friend - I just do not have enough time in a day to spend on the computer most days. But I do miss all of you!


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