Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#11)

I made an ATC in SF for my colleague Sabine. ] Unfortunately I couldn't load the pictures from my phone and I had to format the card, so I lost all my SF pictures........ But the ATC looked a bit like these. remember this scrag? Sjimmie one year ago, trying to keep warm.

Sjimmie now. He turned one year. Happy Birthday Sjimmie! Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. beautiful cats in a sunset!!

    Sjimmie grew up to be such a handsome cat, didn't he? And I think he's an old soul.
    One of my favorite pictures is the one of him and Buddha ;)

    HAW my friend!!!

  2. My fav animal is a cat and i love the third picture with both cats very nicely done Happy Belated Mother's day

  3. These are so cute Marianne. Love the happy colors.

    Oh Sjimmie is such a handsome guy all grown up. Please give him a hug from Auntie.

    HAW on this kitty-happy day.

  4. Happy Birthday, handsome young Sjimmie!

  5. Love the ATCs with the kitties, colors are lovely and Sjimmie is beautiful....happy birthday to him!

  6. oh how adorable Marianne!!! love the colours too....great work as always....

    and Happy Birthday to Sjimmie!!!!


  7. sjimmie is al een jaar oud, ek kan dit amoer nie glo nie. wow die tyd het gevlieg. liewe klein sjummie...en dit atc kaartjies is perfek!liefs en wfs en haw.

  8. I love, love love your kitty atcs.
    are we getting overloaded with trading? If they are up for grabs I'll take one IF you want something more of mine.

    Teri had kitties today too. Must be "C=cats" day!

    Your little black kitty is adorable.

  9. wow what a little spike he was - so adorable. and he has grown into a handsome man that's for sure. HAW and Happy Birthday Sjim...

  10. What beautiful colorful cats. How awful that you lost your pictures. Boooo Happy Birthday Sjimmie, you handsome dude.

  11. you are so talented marianne. i'm looking at my atc cards from you this very minute. emily sold me the one i loved. she drove a hard bargain....


  12. Lovely cats in watercolour.
    Simple but so appealing!

  13. Better late then never Happy Birthday Sjimmie


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