Friday, May 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#4) on Friday

Yesterday, when I came home, 2 envelops were waiting for me! One from Margaret (see detail envelop above) and one from Lynn!
What a feast to come home this way!
Today I got another 2! One from Lolo and one from Lynn again!

(The pictures showed up in the opposite order as I wanted them ) This picture shows Lolo's envelop, which are famous by now!

And how about this gorgeous cactus ATC!? I adored this one and now it is mine! Thanks Lolo for all these treasures! And for being such a sweet and dear friend! This is an ATC I traded with Lynn. For me this was one of my favorite. A landscape with a pink sky. What do you see in it? Thanks Lynn I love it! And for having such a big heart :) This was the card waiting for me yesterday!
Perfect picture cards!
And this one came today!
Another gorgeous card! And how beautiful is this one!!! Now I own my own Lynn mini quilt! Thanks Lynn, for making this one for me! I feel honored. And now Margaret's treasures! This is the back of the card, which is also so beautiful with this Chinese New Year stamp.
I am a great admirer of Margaret's Work and so happy to get these ATC's as a surprise in the mail!
Margaret 3 cards are on their way to you!
This is a peony ATC, symbol of longevity.
It has a real Chinese feel don't you think?
This is certainly one of my favorites!
It is one from the Time Zone series.
What a great combination; sunshine and mandala's!
Love this one.
And the card which accompanied these ATC's.
Thanks so much Margaret!
I love everything!
Well I could easely get used to mail like this.
So much better than getting bills and company mail!
While writing this post Spookje came on my lap, she hardly ever does that, so another thing to be grateful of.
Hope you will have a day with many blessings as well!


  1. It's such fun to see one's own art up with all the other wonderful artist-friends' art pieces. I feel in such good company. I'm glad you like what you received from me Marianne. I so do love and appreicate each and every piece you sent me. I am smiling now at the teeny tiny framed Mandala.
    I have posted your wonderful pieces on my Friday post today!

  2. Fijn dat je weer veilig bij de 3 Koningen bent gearriveerd,
    En terecht dat er fijne post was(wat je geeft krijg je ook weer terug).
    Zonnig en warm weekend lieverd.

  3. All of your goodies look so happy together...Enjoy! :)

  4. what a way to share and then squeal with delight. i love following everyone's precious mail...


  5. I was telling Lynn how much I love the way we've connected through friendship and the spirit of art!!

    Your collection is beautiful and well deserved! And hurray for kitty sitting on your lap ;)

  6. isn't it amazing how much our 'gang' is exchanging and buzzing all over bloggyland with these atc cards right now...yay lolo you started a craze!!

  7. en liefling ek het my 'pay it forward' vandag gekry en wou net sit en huil met die liefde ...'vriendskap' is wat jy en ek het met warm harte en warm woorde. jy is baie dierbaar marianne en ek is baie dankbaar dat ons ontmoet het in hierdie wonderlike bloggy wereld... baie baie dankie liefling en wfs vir jou. xxx

  8. What a fabulous collection!! You are well-loved by some wonderful people!

  9. How beautiful, Marianne!!! Such great love tavelling throught the mail, eh??? What fun to come home to!!!

  10. OMG!!! They all are So Lovely!!!

  11. such gorgeous and beautiful art Marianne, both yours and those you have received. Lucky girl. I love the alphabet ATCs idea.

  12. Cool gifts from all that love and care for you Marianne:)


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