Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flower Mandala (#4)

Passiflora ATC. The flower is wonderful, but the name even more; Passion flower! I like it when people have a passion for things. What's your passion? Have a passionate Sunday! Passiebloem ATC. De bloem is mooi, maar de naam bijna nog beter; passie bloem! Ik hou er van als mensen een passie voor iets hebben. Wat is jouw passie? Een bevlogen zondag toegewenst!


  1. This is a beauty!! You've captured it well.
    I think it's also called "the crown of thorns." I prefer the passion flower name :)

    My passions are being kind, loving my family (including the four footed ones!)my friends and my art.
    And now this blog!!


  2. what a beauty. captured forever by you in this lovely piece of art. my passion at the moment is my art and blogging and the many friends it has brought me from all over the world. i am actually 'addicted'!
    is jy nou tuis...nee ek dink jy het gese jy knom huistoe sonday, vandag.ek hoop jy sal lekker rus. wat gebeur met die 'swine flu' probleem in jou werk, want jy is in vliegtuie die hele tyd en vlieg orals oor die werled. is jy bekommerd? (worried)?liefs en wfs...

  3. I love passionflowers and your mandala. I tried to grow one years ago but it never did anything. :(

  4. I absolutely LOVE passion flowers. I have a huge vine of them growing over my back fence. Right now it seems to be overtaken by the neighbors' honey suckle vine, but hopefully those wonderful three dimentional flowers will show their beautiful heads through that yellow mass. Yours is soft and lovely!!!

  5. Hi Marianne! Another fantastically done mandala ATC!

    I am just passionate about living, and getting my son and his family back in the States in the next few months, and living a life that includes them, and loving them so much!!! I will be very passionately squeezing those 2 grandbabies, and kissing them, and .......

  6. Hi meid ben weer terug van mijn passie de rosegarden het was heerlijk zo veel rust..........
    Wil zo graag jou een keer daar verwennen.

  7. I have a clematis that looks a lot like a passion flower. I love your mandala.

  8. has got the transparency of a butterfl

  9. has got the transparency of a butterfly's wings... so dreamy and beautiful...


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