Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flower Mandala (#7) A= for Apple Blossom

A= for Apple Blossom ATC (not for trade)

The apple tree is in our garden. More than 100 years ago the tree was part of an orchard belonging to a convent. The tree is the only reminder left. It's blossoms are so pink! Unbelievable. The little apples smell delicious and are a great treat for our deer in the autumn. I am allergic to apples (I have 15 apple trees!) so I never eat them. But I love the trees! De appel boom staat in onze tuin. Meer dan 100 jaar geleden stond hier een klooster met een boomgaard. De appelboom is de enige die overgebleven is. Zijn bloesem is zo ontzettend roze! De kleineappeltjes ruiken heerlijk en zijn een heerlijke snack voor de hertjes in de herfst. Ik ben allergisch voor appels (en ik heb 15 appelbomen!)dus eet ze niet, maar ik hou van de bomen .

Have a nice weekend! Een fijn weekend!

“The apple blossom exists to create fruit; when that comes, the petal falls.”



  1. Thank you! Thank you! yesterday I received your gift of the "pay it forward" little game, and you made very happy!
    I fell in love with your little mandala and my daughter too, she wanted to have it at all costs! so now we decided to share it , few days in her room, few days in mine!
    Hope you are doing fine.
    A big hug from sardinia!

  2. dit is alweer pragtig, so fyn so mooi, liefs en wfs my vriend.

  3. Oh Marianne, it is just gorgeous!!! That is a great tree for inspiration!!

  4. That is so think of all the apples my husband buys to eat! He loves them! LOL...that is how it always goes, it seems!!! Your tree is gorgeous, and your art is too! Way beautiful, girl!!!
    Have a delicious weekend Marianne!!!

  5. Oh my, you should do a whole series of this style!! Just lovely.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend ;)

  6. Wat een plaatjes weet niet welke ik mooier vind,meid je bent een Artiest ben zooooooo trots op je.

    Zonnig weekend in Zeeland,liefs Marja.

  7. Lovely pink blossoms!!

    To have all that & not being able to eat is terrible:(

    Have a pinky pinky Weekend:)

  8. What a treat to see such beautiful flowering fruit trees...And what a beautiful story to go with them! I miss seeing spring fruit tree blossoms here in AZ...Your ATC is simply fabulous! :)

  9. Beautiful apple blossom and a beautiful mandala too. Gorgeous.

  10. Superb Marianne, I love all of your little ATCS.

  11. Wow! Creative letter "B"
    I really love the soft pastel tones here, love love love:)

  12. I am behind on seeing your posts...on our busy weekend I saw a childs mandala maker in a toy store and thought of you. Almost bought it. Might be too advanced for my grands yet, but soon. thought I'd use it myself.
    Your ABC mandala is beautiful as are the above mandalas all.


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