Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#3)

I won this beautiful book in Mim´s Give Away!! It is plain gorgeous.
My son loved it too.
It is fun Mama he said.
And it sure is!
We all enjoy it here in Holland.
Thanks Mim for this wonderful gift.


  1. What fun! I love seeing your family.

  2. the book looks marvelous and lucky you for winning it!

    Handsome husband and son you have too! ;~)

  3. hi marianne!
    oh what a beautiful book mim created!
    you are so lucky!

  4. Oh what fun to see it travel! And how great to see your family - I hope they enjoy the book,

    thanks for posting this - I feel famous!

  5. How sweet of Mim to send that lovely, lovely book! What a beautiful family!

  6. ooooooooh. marianne, you are SO lucky. it is a total treat to see mim's book!! and to see your family!!!

  7. looks like a wonderful book. mim did a good job. yes, i agree re: seeing your family. fun to see your husband whom i dont know if we've seen before.

  8. I'm sooooo happy you have a copy of Mim's book!! Don't you just love it? She sent me one and I treasure it.

    I love seeing those handsome men too ;)


  9. It is sure fun to receive a great book from a great friend. I am so happy that you and your family all were enjoying this happy boo together.
    For me, one of my happiest moments will be discovering some good books and read them over and over again:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog always Marianne:)

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  11. I like the last picture here,
    love green leaves surrounding a happy soul!
    Hope that it's the same for us here:)

  12. oh so much fun to see a great new book!!! wonderful Marianne...thanks for sharing this!!!


  13. That book is a beauty and you are so lucky to have it. I love Ms Em! but she hasn't been around lately. hmm, I am going to have to go and yank Mim's chain.


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