Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday! (#6)

Is this Ms. Em, or is it me?! It sure looks like me in my blue uniform......... LOVE it!!!! When Lolo started Thankful Thursday, I liked the title and this is my 6th Thankful Thursday already! Lots of goodies came in the mail this week again! But even when your mailbox is empty there is always something to be grateful about. I saw Teri also has started Thankful Thursday! Tee hee!
This package came from Mim! Lovely foldcard (never seen this before!)Lovely ATC's. Love them! Especially the one which seems to be made for me! Thanks so much Mim! Your art is inspirational and this surprise so much appreciated!
I traded this ATC with Teri! And like most things which I receive from my blogfriends it looks even better in real! And it was already gorgeous......... I love the texture of this paper which is very smooth. Thanks so much Teri, the card with the rabbit is also so cute!
These treasures were waiting for me when I got home today! They are from Lynn. Amazing ATC's, which so much details. I am a disaster with a sewing machine, so I am always in awe by what Lynn creates!
Besides hte ATC's she made a Quiltlet especially for me! Just gorgeous! The need for my own studio grows as I would like to display all my teeasures on a special wall.The peony card is so beautiful! Thanks so much Lynn for spoiling me!
Hearts ATC by Mim.
Cactus ATC by Teri.
Coin ATC by Lynn.
Aligator ATC with extendable snout, also by Lynn!.
And I want to share this picture which I took yesterday in Dar es Salaam. While I enjoyed the early morning at the pool, the crows and this heron kept me company. It was fun watching them and they came very close. The crows mobbed the heron It is so nice to be the only one together with all the birds and sounds. I saw the baby peacocks from last time who turned out handsome young men. I saw a weasel and birds I have never seen before and an amazing butterfly. One of the crows took off with my micron pen! I got it back because I folowed him with my eyes until he dropped it. The early bird catches the worm..............I think I saw all this because I always get up early and I had the feeling there was an interaction going on between the animals and me. Something to be thankful for . Hope your Thursday will be one with lots of things to be thankful for. It is late and tommorow I will visit you on my bloground! Look forward to that!


  1. Oh lovely post - so glad you like the ATC. Dar es Salaam - wow, would I love to see that place. but I bet you're glad to be home.

  2. jeez. it is just amazing to see this level of tender sharing! you guys are amazing.

    marianne, emily wants me to tell you i covered up her post with my thursday 13. she wants to be sure you know she did one this week, because she still says you are her best friend. she talks about you all the time...


  3. Wonderful tresures to great a wonderful spirit! Welcome home! :)

  4. What fantastic goodies you are collecting! Just beautiful in all their unique, creative, charm. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.
    Lisa =)

  5. Are you caught up on rest?

    These are lovely gifts! ms. Em is really making the rounds. I just love her.

    That story about the crow made me laugh! Such tricksters they are!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)


  6. Ha..Ha..Your mail box are always full! I hope you get more and more..!


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