Sunday, May 24, 2009


Gina, from the Crafty Gardener tagged me to do these questions, well here they are What are your current obsessions? Making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)Currently we are doing the ABC with a group of 10. You can follow our ATC's here. Each week we create a card and send it to someone on the list. In the end we all have the alphabet made by different blogger-friends! Mandalas are a lifetime obsession. Guilty pleasure? Caramel filled chocolate, creme caramel, well just about anything with caramel or chocolate and peanut sauce, but not all together. If you were a dog, which one would you be? I have no idea, I'd rather be a cat..... I certainly would not like to be the dogs I fancy, because I would be small then and funny looking..... I guess I want to be one of the few fortunate ones that would have a good home and master in this world. Sum yourself up in a sentence Shall I mention my good sides or bad ones here? I guess I am versatile. What are you listening to? Sounds in the house and coming from the garden Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? My jeans What are you reading? Nothing at the moment. I am dyslectic, so I find it difficult to read and concentrate What’s for lunch? Have no idea yet.....I would love a pizza thought but they are not in the freezer and the shops are closed here at Sunday. I think I will make a tomato mozzerella salad. What makes you helpless with laughter? I love it when you meet someone with the same sense of humour. Funny movies. What was the last thing you bought? I bought liquid watercolors (dr. Ph. Martin's)on my last trip, here at home I only bought groceries.... Favourite plant of the moment? Inside: my Adenium Obesum (desert rose). After trying to survive here for 2 years he finally blooms again! I love orchids. Outside: My Peonies which are about to bloom, my favorite plant changes with the season. What's Your favorite season? Spring, I love it when life returns and comes to everything. And straight after that Summer because I love heat!I hope we will get a long hot summer! The Rules Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog. Replace one question. Add one question. Tag some people. Right, now then, who can I tag?? Soulbrush, comes to mind first but Gina already tagged her. How come she is always the first one who posp up in my mind? Maybe it is she never turns a challenge down, Marja, who is in France right now. Lynn, who always has the most surprising answers. And anyone who would like to volunteer! Go on, it's fun!


  1. Some of my answers would be the same ;)

    I adore peonies!! I like them more than most roses. I also love how they can't open without the help of ants to lick of the sweet residue.

    This looks like a fun tag!

    I'm sitting here listening to the sounds of a mourning dove. The other birds are starting to wake up as well. Hubby and dog are still asleep, so it's just me and the cat enjoying the silence!


  2. Wat een prachtige ATC. Die kleuren.... Ik kon de verleiding niet weerstaand en ben er digitaal mee aan de slag gegaan.
    Het resultaat staat op m'n blog.

    Liefs en een fijne zondag verder

  3. Hi Marianne - this is a great post. I love peonies, too. How I wish I could grow them, they are definitely a favorite, but require lots of care and love, just like the pugs. ; )
    hugs from Texas...

  4. ATCs and mandalas are certainly you! Fun things to know about you and beautiful photos-the dog is a hoot.

  5. omg i forgot all about this, yes bt did tag me...and yes i dolove tags, and so i will do that NOW!
    have a good trip to dar es salaam.

  6. dear ms. versatility, oh dear god. emily is going to answer these questions. marianne, you are an instigator!

    like soulbrush, it is very fun for me to read your answers. i love peonies too-- the most beautiful fragrant flower.


  7. Oh funny us. I tagged you too so its a wash. I'll not replace you...tagged enough. Love your photos with the answers.
    How interesting to find you are dyslexic. How wonderful that it does not stop you from blogging. Thank God!
    Or drawing!

  8. I love it when you meet someone with the same sense of humour. Funny movies.

    I really love this line.
    It's our pleasure to meet someone that can communicate so well with us, even far away, it's like no border to it!
    Funny movies, yes i also like...Make us happy.

    Good read and you have such a great sense of humour. Ha..Ha..Thanks for your lovely, light and easy writing!


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