Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Animal Wednesday #31 Dragonfly

Dragonfly, symbol of prosperity good luck strength peace harmony
and purity
Have a dragonfly day!
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Wow Marianne, what a gorgeous dragonfly. wow oh wow!

  2. I am lovin this beautiful dragonfly. I can see the sparkles. HAW.

  3. I need a dragonfly day! Thank you, I'll take it! This is very pretty, Marianne.

  4. I love his wings - they're perfect.

  5. i'll be happy with the strength and harmony....

    the first thing i saw were the eyes. they jumped right out at me. i'm starting to think there is nothing you can't do, marianne.

    do you know i have three special atc cards on my desk, right now in front of me, and i look at them every day and thank mr. or ms. bloggie for the gift of your friendship....


  6. A dragonfly day would be great! I love dragonflies and this one is stunning Marianne - the colours and detail just wonderful!

  7. Exquisite. I did have a dragonfly day, amazingly. I found a perfectly preserved one lying on the sidewalk. It must have just died. It's not as colorful as yours, but special nonetheless.

  8. marianne, it's me, emily!

    i won? i won something?!! kj didn't tell me. now i am so excited i am no longer whining.

    marianne, tell me what i should say on kj's blog about what you want to donate. i thought i would show some samples of your mandalas and tell people who ever donates first gets it. do you like that idea? but tell me the size--will it be an atc or what else?

    this is nice of you. i have $ 15 to donate myself and i'm not sure it will really be more fun than buying jellybeans for myself but i am willing to try.

    you are my best friend. don't forget.

    emily rabbit

  9. oh wow wow wow!!! I love this!!! dragonflies are so pretty and so neat as they soar!!!!

    Wonderful work Marianne!!!!


  10. Breathtaking... and so inspiring all at once! Love this! :)


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