Sunday, November 22, 2009

Suki's pages

The first page for Suki's book is a sandcastle.
Notice the heart inside.
Home is where the heart is.

The second page is inspired by a poem by Twilight Whispers.

I wrote the words on the back

I connected the two pages by making the horizon longer.

So they formed one image in the end.

When I started I planned something very complicated. I wanted to make a collage. Use the stamp I got from Linda and her beautiful papers etc. I wanted so much and it ended so simple.........I just started and it turned out this way.

I was pleased with the outcome. I hope you will too Suki.

and here is the poem:

Finding My Home

Finding where my loyalties lie Finding where the bluebirds fly Finding the path that leads back in time Is finding my home Finding where my young years are Finding memories from afar Finding where my mind has gone Is finding my home Finding where the rainbows end Finding where the oceans blend Finding a quiet and calming place Is finding my home Twilight Whispers


  1. Marianne, I totally love this sand castle/rainbow ocean scape. and the poem!!! Perfect. I love simple things too so this is wonderful for me and my little book. Thank you

  2. Oh wow Marianne!, it is beautiful and so perfect for Suki. Wow.

  3. This really touches my heart.
    WOW Marianne, so beautiful in art and words ;)


  4. oh wow Marianne!!! these pages are wonderful and the are so talented!!!!


  5. What beautiful words and art combined into a priceless treasure! :) Lovely! :)


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