Monday, November 2, 2009

Cactus Monday (#55)

cactus Monday 55 video

And here is the ATC.

A cactus bloom close up.

Happy Cactus Monday!

(for more cactus fun visit our Chief cactuteer Teri!)

PS: Here is a picture of the brush to answer Deepa's and Teri's question.

It is just a travel watercolor brush, this one is from Derwent.


  1. Yea! Another video!!! :) I LOVE these Marianne :)It is next best thing to sitting at your side! I must check out Doc Martin colors...what luscious power to them! HCM! :)

  2. Today, I sat amazed watching your video. Its fab!!!

    How much detail!! you are a perfectionist, Marianne. I like it.

    What are those with which u painted???
    I am seeing it for the first time. Are they brushes which look like pens? Pls do clarify...I would love know about it.They are just too good. What are they called?

    Too many Qs...anyways it was fantastic to watch ur hands at work.

  3. Love your videos Marianne!

    I have the same questions as Deepa.

  4. wow this is so nice to see and also the atc. hcm fellow cactuteer.

  5. me too what kind of pens are they?

  6. Hee toppertje wat ben je toch een kunstenares en je kan nog koken ook ;-))
    Was erg gezellig,tot gauw.
    Liefs Marja

  7. Love to watch your videos!!! Gorgeous ATC as usual, Marianne!!! ;)

    That travel brush is awesome...I must go check out Derwent right now!

  8. I have one of those pens also and I use it for traveling. S, is this just watercolor?

  9. Marianne - this is fantastic. I was wondering the same thing about the brush - thanks for posting that. HCM

  10. Another beautiful post. Your videos are so much fun to watch.

  11. Hi Marianne!!! oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwww...that was the coolest video ever...I loved it...what a perfect way to end my evening....your work is wonderful and I was just about to ask about that gadget you used and you already answered ....I need to get me one of are truly a wonderful artist and friend Marianne!!!

    I will be hosting some weekly giveaways so pop by and tell all your friends too!!!


  12. Thanks my dear Marianne for the photo and the reply. Its so cool! Should check that out here.Its really handy, right? The colors I believe are seperate. At first I thought each one is coloured.

    Thanks Marianne:)

  13. I could watch you all day!
    One day we'll paint together.

    I can't wait to use my brush :)

  14. Just wonderful. Thank you for my goodies. Judy


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