Friday, November 6, 2009

Art Afternoons

I started with a painting afternoon on Wednesday's. I can't really call them art lessons because there is a no teacher.
It is a group of artists painting in Martin's studio.
I decided to join them just to force myself to explore other things, besides my mandalas.
This is my first canvas I made there.
A 7,9 x 7,9" 3D canvas.
Sjimmie is overlooking the ocean wondering what adventures lies ahead on the other side of the ocean..........
Sjimmie has been with Mim in Massachusetts, where he learned to fish.
And has been in sunny California to meet Henry V and Lynn.
Now he is on his way to meet Bibbity and Emily in New Hampshire who live with Suki there.
Have fun Sjimmie!!!!! And please behave..........


  1. It is really beautiful Marianne. Love what you did with Sjimmie here.

  2. sjimmie is quite a muse for all of us. I wonder what he is musing about as he gazes at the moon. This is brave of you to try new things. Sometimes it is just easier to keep doing what we do so well and with relative ease and not go forth into areas we may not have as much experience with. This came out beautifully. I am working with Sjimmie today and have his/your page almost finished.!!!

  3. How wonderful this is. Your color sense is so awesome Marianne - and I love the way you've painted the sides.

  4. i think this is fantastic. i am not a cat lover, but i do like little sjimmie, not as much as your two doggies. you have proved with the atc swap and now the book that you ARE very multi-talented, we all know it.
    hoop jou naweek gaan wel, die son skyn hier by ons vandag. rus n bietjie en geniet alles wat jy doen. met baie liefs en wfs. xxx

  5. I love those gallery wrapped canvases. You made this one come alive with color and form. It is just beautiful. It is always good to see Sjimmie. You will have such fun with the other artists. You will learn and grow in your art. I can't wait to see what else emerges from these wednesday afternoons.

  6. What beautiful colours Marianne! I hope you enjoy trying out new things in your class - it's good to stretch yourself occasionally!! I'm trying to do that with these little books - so many techniques to try, so little time....!!

  7. This is awesome Marianne, you and Sjimmie have taken to the canvas extremely well! Love it! Oh my, your animal wednesday piece is most delicious!!!! Fantastic!

  8. Wow! This is your first canvas and it's so beautifully drawn!!!!
    Sjimmie is a beautiful cat and made more beautiful by your lovely creation on canvas!


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