Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#19) my ABC!

Here is my complete ABC!
Now that is something to be thankful for!
26 lovely pieces of art from all over the world.
It has been so much fun participating!
And to see all those wonderful creations!
Watch all the gems I have collected ...........
A= for Aligator (by Lynn) B= for Beach (by Lolo) C= for cats (by Lisa) D= for Delightful (by Laure) E= for Empress of Ecclectic Elephants (by Stampmaiden) F= for Funky Fish (by BT)
G= for Grape (and then wine;) by Teri) H= for Happy Birthday! I= for Icefish (by Mim) J= for Jester (by Lynn) K= for Kahlo, as in Frida (by Lolo) . L= for Lion (by Lisa) M= for Marianne (by Laure) N= for Naughty Nutty Nude (by Stampmaiden) O= for Ornament (by BT)
P= for peas in a pod (by Teri) Q=for Queen (by Soulbrush) R= for Ruby shark (by Mim) S= for Snap out of it and smile! (by Lynn) T= for Taoist Symbols (by Lolo) U= for Unicorn of the sea (by Lisa) V= for Vibrant and Vivacious (by Laure) W= for Whimsical Wench (by Stampmaiden) X= for X rated (by BT)
Y= for Yellow Things (by Teri)
Z= for Zebra (by Soulbrush) Thanks Lynn, Lisa, Lolo, Laure, Teri, Mim, BT, Linda and Soul! It has been so much fun! Look forward to play again next year. Want to see all our beautiful and fun creations? Visit our blog and don't forget a hanky for you will certainly drool over the most! I received a few wonderful things which I will show next week. I will be away for 2 days probably not online......... Hope you have lots to be thankful for!


  1. thanks for posting the whole set. Really amazing array of fun art.
    I have to gather mine.
    next year for sure!

  2. what a great idea to post the whole set! I'm going to do that but am still waiting for Z (I think...I'd better check)

  3. A great set of ABC's Marianne. I will have to get mine together and post them.

  4. Oh how great to see them all together like this! Awesome! It looked like so much fun!

  5. wow, what patience to post them individually!!!

    They look wonderful. This sure was fun!!


  6. Great to see and entire set all together...What an adventure!!! :)

  7. superb, wonderful, awesome, fantastic. wow! when i have all of mine, i wil post them too. thanx and hope you are not working too hard for 2 days.

  8. They all looks so fabulous together! It has been so much fun.
    I'm still waiting for my X to roll in.

  9. Thanks everyone. I am also still waiting for 2 but I stealed the pictures from the ABC blog ;)

  10. Excellent, Marianne. All wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  11. oh my gosh mariuanne!

    these are all fabulous! what treasures you have created, traded and collected!

    thank you for sharing them all!


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