Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For You!

This is a coloring page for you!
Just click to enlarge and print and have fun!
Don't forget to comment on my previous post, so I can put your name in the hat for the GIVE AWAY.
Have a nice day!


  1. Marianne, I always wonder how you get your design so evenly spaced. Every little thing the same size etc.

  2. I printed it out...thank you!
    The background is grey so I think I'll use my acrylics and make the color pop.

    You are so sweet!!

  3. Thanks Lisa,
    This one is done without measuring first. I like to do these ones as they are so different from my birthmandalas, there everything is evenly spaced

    Hi Lo,
    No idea why the background turned out so grey, Tried to change it in Coral Paint Shop.
    Anyone an idea how to fix this?

  4. Thanks for the fu8n activity...I know two little twin girls who will have to give this a go also! :)

  5. hi marianne!
    oh how fun! i have printed mine and cannot wait to color it in!

    thank you!

  6. Oh, that simple line-drawing mandala is just so pretty as is. I don't even want to add any colour. I love the peace dove in the middle. Happy 3 year blog anniversary!

  7. What fun! Thanks for this beautiful share, my daughter saw it and was thrilled... I think I might scan it to watercolor paper and let her play. You are so sweet to share your lovely art with us all. Hope you and the family are well.

  8. Thanks first.
    Marianne, I will download this and colour it.
    And I will distribute to my little students to do the same, I want to pread this joy all over the world.
    thanks again marianne you are so kind and thoughtful!
    Love you..
    Joy to the world, the pigeon and angels sing!


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