Saturday, August 2, 2008


The desire The prey The audience The hunt The catch The meal These are a few pictures I took in the old city of Shanghai. I'll have a very busy weekend; a wedding anniversary this afternoon and a family reunion tomorrow. So I won't have much time to blog. Monday everything will be back to normal. Dit zijn een paar foto's die ik in de oude stad van Shanghai heb genomen. Ik heb een druk weekend; vanmiddag een huwelijks feest en morgen een kleine familie reunie. Dus ik zal weinig tijd hebben om te bloggen. Maandag is alles weer normaal.


  1. jy is seker so moeg van shanghai, en nou weer besig. baie mooi fotos.geniet die huweliks fees en die familie reunie,ek kan nie verstaan wat die vorige drie kommente is nie!! liefs en wfs.

  2. Wow! great pictures. You were lucky you didnt have to fight the crowds of people that will be there for the Olympics...

  3. fabulous story through these beautiful pictures....
    i loved the sequence... especially the "audience"...
    anything we do is watched by others, eh?

  4. An interesting post. Beautiful fish. Interesting no one tried to scare the seagull away.

  5. wow!
    what amazing photos.
    i missed you while i was away last week.
    m & e

  6. Ja Soulbrush, ik ben heel erg moe!
    Het komt er vandaag pas e uit....
    Die vorige reacties waren spam, ik heb ze inmiddels weggehaald!
    Goed je weer te "zien".

    Hi Barb,
    nice to see you again!
    I sometimes look on your blog and see no activity and I was worried something might be the matter......
    That's why I am so glad to see you again.
    Next week I have to go to Beijing I guess there I will notice the Olympics.......

    Thanks HB!
    Yes nothing we do will be unseen unfelt or unheard.
    You are so true

    Yes it was fascinating to see their reactions.
    Actually it was a heron, a small kind but recognizable by it0s beautiful feather at the back of his head.
    Part of the croud cheared him up and part sighed to show pity for fish.
    I know that when I was a child i would get very upset over a sight like this and would try to save the fish by chasing him away, but now I realize the heron has to eat as well (when he had all my pond fish for diner this winter I was not amused....)

    Hi Melissa! Thanks.
    Sorry I missed Emmitt's birthday!

  7. What a photo opportunity! I never tire of looking at Koi. I also love to paint them as well as seeing other artists paintings of them. Lucky you! Thanks for sharing :) XX

  8. oh how lovely these pictures are. I love Koi fish.


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